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In Taylor, someone would have taken the damned keys away by now.  Lied, said the car was still in the shop, between the booze and the sundowning this was good for 3 years.

Uncle Clifton finally found the keys in the bulldozer across from the St. Mary’s cemetery and went for a joy ride one July morning.  THAT did it.

Had he sent an electronic transmission with the picture of the church organist and a symbol for “crosshairs” he’d been in the VA within minutes, branded a “terrorist.”  Any County Judge in the State of Texas would sign off on his one way trip to Waco.

HOWEVER, this is the world of the normal people.  The people you know and I know, not the wealthy people who pay more for just the worst hairpieces I ever saw than you do to get your kids teeth straightened.  Most of us just have our fathers and grandfathers turn into normal crazy people, can’t afford to run around with fancy glasses and dental implants,  in real life,  this wouldn’t fly.  The SPJST Nursing Home would have had this one long before now.

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Just the worst rug on top of a head that is strangely shaped, obviously had trouble coming out of the birth canal, this one.  Or is this a rug?  What’s the black line?

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In the world of men, THIS is the way they “wanna go” or at least tell each other that when alone in a group.

In the world of women, seeing your old codger Uncle half naked would cause you to reconsider lesbianism and you know it even in Taylor.

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Image result for roger stone porn


He has a “collection of antique clothing”,  right, me too, it’s called nice shit you never got rid of or dribbled on from the sixties.  Get real.

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How should we feel?


Some things just LOOK WRONG if you’re female, and not so bad if you’re male.


I’m a baby boomer too,  hell, in my world, young people are just waiting to catch you in something forgetful.  AH HA.  You know it too.  Your fifty year old kids are keeping a count of each and every time you leave your phone at the HEB, lose your car keys,  nod off, wet yourself in public, forget the names of the eighteen grandkids and their birthdays, on and on.

Every day of old age and “Dementia Checks” is like a pop quiz and you failed.

One thing’s for sure, these guys are all raising the “crazy” bar higher than its ever been before.

Can’t wait to see what happens next.







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