This just in from the Cove on 21st. Manager,  under normal circumstances one could really be pissed because a PD Detective told her.  Unfortunately,  you have to factor in WACO PD so I have no idea because they’re all corrupt and beyond question.

The Cove on 21st Manager <Cove21Mgr@citygatepg.com>
To:Bernadette Feazell
Feb 18 at 11:26 AM

I actually didn’t ask David for the case- I asked a Detective we work with in the Crime Free Program with the Waco PD.


Should’ve laid in the sand and done it by hand.

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The Sheriff’s girlfriend,  Sherre Johnston threatened me in writing last year.  I went to the Sheriff’s Department in August and asked them to TAPE ME, which they did and you can get copies of via Public Information Request.  I also had calls from Felipe Reyna and an interesting note from one Johnny Ash.

I went to the Sheriff’s Department AFTER I took the same evidence, and more to the FBI.

I didn’t feel “in danger” but I did feel “not safe” because it’s pretty obvious that the Sheriff’s department and police department are non existent and the corruption is so deep, the brotherhood so permanent you can just move because you’re not safe.

THREE MONTHS AGO,  after constant threat and phone calls from REYNA WHOLESALE BEADS,   I moved.

Now, I have to prove my life was in danger and give a report to the apartment complex where I lived before,  a really nice group of people,  much nicer and much more thorough than the Sheriff’s department.

Below is an email I got today from the Cove on 21st.  I have been threatened in writing, I have gone to the PD, and the SO has me on tape.  Obviously,  the minute I walked out the door, even the report was trashed because whatever Sherre has on him is BIG.  Bigger than my problems, and he protects HER AND OTHERS.

Well, fu*k you buddy.



Below is the report from Sheriff’s Cousin, David Johnson who works at the Sheriff’s Department.  Recon he decided to lie on his own.  I don’t think so.


RE: Offense Report or Case #
  • The Cove on 21st Manager <Cove21Mgr@citygatepg.com>
    To:Bernadette Feazell
    Feb 18 at 8:46 AM

    I tried to get a copy of the police report, and I’m being told that it was filed and then cancelled shortly after it was filed. I’m really trying to help you. Can you get me a copy of the report?  It looks to me like it was cancelled.

    From: Bernadette Feazell <bfeazell@yahoo.com>
    Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2019 3:22 PM
    To: The Cove on 21st Manager <Cove21Mgr@citygatepg.com>
    Subject: Fw: Offense Report or Case #

    —– Forwarded Message —–

    From: David Johnson <david.johnson@co.mclennan.tx.us>

    To: ‘Bernadette Feazell’ <bfeazell@yahoo.com>

    Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2019, 3:12:55 PM CST

    Subject: RE: Offense Report or Case #

    The Case number is 18-1107

    Detective David Johnson, CFCE, CTF

    C.I.D./Electronic Forensics

    McLennan County Sheriff’s Office

    901 Washington Ave.

    Waco, TX 76701

    Office (254) 757-5112

    Fax (254) 757-5144



    From: Bernadette Feazell (bfeazell@yahoo.com) [mailto:bfeazell@yahoo.com]
    Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2019 10:54 AM
    To: The Cove On 21st Manager; David Johnson; curtislucaslaw@gmail.com
    Subject: Offense Report or Case #

    Dear David,

         As you remember I went to you last year in person and on tape to file a report.  Please send the report or the Case # to me or the Cove on 21st. as soon as possible.  I have an attorney now,  Curtis Lucas, there in Waco.  I need the Case # and/or the report.  It is on tape,  I am entitled to it via many laws.




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