STRIKE 2 

Prosecutor Hilary LaBorde said the mix-up in names occurred after a former paralegal in the DA’s office who was assisting in the preparation of indictments found an Adam Bennett in the DA’s computer files and typed in the wrong date of birth, criminal identification number and state identification number.

That resulted in the wrong Adam Bennett being indicted.

“I’m sure she looked in there and assumed, ‘How many Adam Bennetts could there be?’” LaBorde said. “It was an honest mistake, but now we are that much more delayed in getting justice for Adam Bennett’s victim, and that is certainly something nobody wanted.”
How many Adam Bennetts could there be?  I asked google.  About 593,000 results (0.28 seconds)
Hilary was not a big hit after her incredibly insensitive attitude and totally stupid quotes during the spotlight time of the recent “Frat Boy Rapist” story.  Rumors abounded that Hilary would never have done such a light plea without Abel getting her to do it and that sounded logical so when Barry Johnson introduced her at his swearing in we were all happy and decided that we could give her a second chance too.
That didn’t last.
What would Harry have her do?  Hell,  Harry knew a lawyer once that when faced with a contract dispute could at least cry on camera and spout incoherent jibberish better than THIS portrayal of “oh, shucks me bad.”
No one is accountable?  No one has told you to at least pretend to feel badly?
I don’t know, Hilary,  the stories from your friends who like you have great sway with me, however, after this interview I will have to go back to the patch.
Sorry,  Hilary,  you have ripped it with me.
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