Harry’s Barry Retrospective


The CITIZEN BLOGGERS were gaining respect day by day and growing in numbers as Butch Moss,  “The Aging Rebel”, Jim Parks, and others slammed the internet with story after story with more proof than anyone saw in the newspapers.  Scoffed at by “mainstream media”, and the politicians, they were held to higher standards and wound up convincing at least 20% more people than,  say,  Abel Reyna by March 3rd. 2018.

Being wrong is a cool thing sometimes,  being grumpy and jaded,  being wrong about Barry Johnson did this writer a world of good.

In the beginning,  it was “ABA”,  ANYONE BUT Abel,  when November 11th. 2017 came and Barry Johnson announced his bid for election as DA,  we were all over the moon with happiness.  By “all” I mean,  Harry readers and a lot of Democrats who never,  ever voted in a Republican Primary in their entire lives.  A few wished us well but still wouldn’t do it.  Nope.

We all laughed about it but certainly would never admit it to anyone and the people who committed this treason along with me,  know who you are.  

We came together to stop injustice but by the time it was all over with,  we came together to support Barry Johnson for District Attorney.

If you want to have some real fun,  play the YouTube film debate between Barry Johnson and Abel Reyna WITHOUT the sound attached below.

Barry Johnson’s face expresses real emotions.  Abel says something strange and you see Johnson’s face go straight to “Dr. Phil” and “Have you lost your mind?”

Abel’s face on the other hand is annoyingly whiney,  and the sweating plus water drinking reminds one of a cousin who came back from LaHacienda last month.  Ain’t right.

For a good time in total silence,  press play below while your meds kick in. 



YouTube published January 18, 2018












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