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     Is it my tv or my President?

(Disclaimer:  Not the wall,  not Mexicans,  not paying whores,  not crooked Hilary,  not “lock her up”,  not who is my moral compass,  not the government shutdown,  just the orange  tan.  OKAY?  Just this one thing.  One.)

The white around his eyes and ears ain’t right.  I am bothered he can’t hire someone who’s good at the spray tanning stuff.   Is someone spraying him all naked?  Is this a tanning bed?  WTF?

Please only write and chew me out if you have a tanning bed in your home or out building.

Related image  Related image


Related image


Donald Trump is causing fewer British people to use tanning beds …

Feb 2, 2018 – Brits are eschewing trips to the sun beds out of a fear they might end up looking like Donald Trump. … The research shows that Trump could have reduced skin cancer risk in Britain by pushing us to adopt natural skin colours rather than his bright orange glow. … “President Trump’s …

Trump’s Unnatural Orange Hue Is Killing The Tanning Trend And …

Mar 27, 2018 – Trump has worked hard to convince us that his skin is naturally … a man which they described as having “panda eyes” and an “orange hue.

Why does Donald Trump have strange white areas around the eyes …

Feb 6, 2017 – Raccoon eyes aren’t life threatening and if you’re anything like Trump, you probably …. The white areas around his eyes are covered by goggles in the (orange) …


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