Aaah, memories

I'm Mad Too, Harry.

From Uncle Dan’s Pulled Pork Mobile,  to Coach’s Barbecue,  to the Big O over at George’s in Hewitt,  ZANG,  is taking a bigger toll on food service here than a case of Salmonella.

It seems getting a massage then what is loosely called a “Happy Ending” is putting a crimp on the local restaurant scene.  FACEBOOK accounts are being removed,  men are having to confess really bad stuff to their wives and kids,  and the locals don’t know where the hell they’re going to eat tonight.

If ZANG can’t open up a decent Chinese Food place here instead of these masturbation parlors,  I say it’s time to deport her back to wherever the hell she came from and prosecute these creeps.   If this isn’t the biggest life ruining bunch of sh*t you’ve ever seen,  what the hell is.  Can you imagine telling your wife about this?  NO,  not by text, …

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