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No reply? Yes. I have A LOT on you . I won’t play this insane game with you . This is all YOU. YOU are the narcissist. How are you helping the bikers Berni? How does this help the bikers? This is about your own insane vindeta . Yes, I own a lot of guns, and I’m a good shot. I taught my kids how to shoot. That’s my right as an American to protect myself . That’s ONE thing that I don’t have to apologize for .


August 31, 2018

“Sherre,  Rissa,  Me, and the PD”

KWTX Rissa Shaw

On January 15, 2018,  Harry had  to call the Waco Police Department,  seems Sherre Johnston has been in her Plea Hearing in front of good ole Judge Vic Badscrabblehand,  gotten 180 days to do on the weekends,  no probation officer,  Harry and some others were there to see what a woman with six DWI’s would get,  sure enough extreme preferential treatment especially in light of today’s All Points Bulletin from our lovely PD that suddenly Sherre Johnston is going to cause trouble but this time it’s for threatening Rissa Shaw for Rissa’s recent and fabulous report on the special treatment Sherre Johnston was getting and Sherre says she isn’t getting special treatment,  it is rumored a “glock” was mentioned.


Unfortunately,  Rissa had it wrong and when she said that Sherre had a Hearing on the 28th.  she was not counting on Sherre going free on August 21st.  On her way home,  it would seem someone gave Sherre a phone and her first impulse was to call Rissa Shaw or KWTX and threaten them.  Why the hell not?  There’s no special treatment,  oh, hell no.

In light of the flyer below with Sherre’s pictures and a description of her Jeep,  it would seem the Waco Police decided to take a report and do something,  or KWTX just said,  “hell, no”,  and got a Restraining Order.  Suddenly Sherre J is as “out” as Jackie Kennedy topless with Onasis.  You know HELL NO when you see it.

Oh,    there’s no special treatment here for the families of City Employees or Baylor people as proven by the Baylor couple with the dismissed DWI’s represented by Guy Cox,  and now Sherre Johnston,  wife of the Fire Chief,  now the Assistant Fire Chief,  called in to 911 when Sheriff’s brother dropped dead in the grassy knoll between Walmart and Longhorn Steakhouse.

There’s nothing going on here.  Oh, yeah, there’s that pesky story from KWTX about Sherre Johnston stealing canteens from Parnell McNamara’s shed.  May 10, 2017.


No special treatment,  no,  not for Kim Falcone,  not for Sherre Johnston, not for Goble’s client Sirbasqu the hot tub and dead girl guy,  the couple from Baylor.  Oh, hell no.


January 16, 2018 Sherre Johnston WRITES a threatening comment about what a good shot she is and the 911 operator says that it’s a threat and report it to the Waco Police Department.  Harry does.  Below is a copy of the tape itself.  The Police come to Harry’s place,  Harry tries to give them written evidence which they refuse to take.  Hell,  they don’t bother even MAKING A REPORT.  Oh,  hell no.  Instead they leave when the recorder on Harry’s phone gets punched,  why weren’t THEY taping Harry,  he wondered?  They told Harry that the only record there was to memorialize any of this it would be on the “911 call.”  Sure enough.  Harry got threatened in January and nothing happened,  Rizza gets threatened in August and Sherre’s suddenly Cujo.

Sherre J

Harry also kept a file on everything Sherre wrote,  figured someday someone would finally realize that she needed to get that shit off there.  Sure enough,  at some point it disappeared.  Off the blog,  yes,  but,  we keep records.  Why not?  Harry used to get yelled at by one of the most famous lawyers there was in the 80’s.  “Evidence”,  he’d yell.  Harry remembered below is the file.  No biggy,  don’t overthink it.  We’re going somewhere.

Sherre Johnston _1-15-18

No special treatment for anyone in Waco.  Equal.  Wrong and everyone knows it.

Sherre Johnston somehow involved in all “this” phone stuff whatever it is,  you ask,  the photo below is part of that March 25th. group of wild pictues and it is the bottom of Sherre Johnston’s face from the “Nick Nolte” booking photo so,  you tell me.  Unlike law enforcement,  when people get together and share what they know without ego questions get answered,  suspicions either or confirmed or you find a different hypothesis when new information is revealed.



Why did they indict Sherre Johnston for threatening Rissa Shaw when across town in the old 76706 zip code,  Harry was treated in the “it’s your own fault” manner of the PD like a rape victim in a short skirt with fringe.

Harry was asking for it.

There is no favoritism at the Waco PD,  our County and State, and City Government is not corrupt.



Harry knows that it’s not him,  that this bullshit is all one message after another.  Just disguised in Christian clothing with more hypocrisy than anyone should have to bear.

At some point Harry will upload the 911 tape from the city but for now the Ritalin has made Harry’s hands wet and if you need more than the photo,  bite me.

The stupid texts?  A message.

The fucking photo?  A message.

What is the message?

I don’t know.

Ask Tommy Witherspoon over at the paper.  Yeah, the one below with Sherre Johnston and Truman Simons.  Oh.  Shit.

Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Trib,  Sherre Johnston, and Truman Simons.



The Citizen Bloggers around the United States are the only truth you are going to find in Waco.  Hating Tommy Witherspoon is the only thing Judge Walter Smith and Harry Storm ever had in common which is kind of pitiful.

Issues?  Harry has issues,  it seems there are a lot of people who have issues,  hence,  the whopping 20% that Abel lost to Barry Johnson by.  They didn’t even see it coming?  Can you believe that?  The “underground peeps” as one message says,  only got recognized AFTER the big egos lost,  the Reynas were never good losers,  we all know that.

The issue is lazy lawyers who think going along with the DA’s office is okay,  they just aid and abet the bribery scheme by not even FIGHTING for a client who actually paid you and has a .39 BLOOD TEST FROM HILLCREST.  Christonacupcake.

Get over it,  the film is fine,  the people at Hillcrest said he was fine.  It’s over.  It’s over with the .39 and this lawyer my friend has didn’t even fight for him.  Didn’t even fight for someone who,  anywhere else would have had a DWI dismissed.  Get real.  Harry’s friend does not have a legit DWI,  don’t overthink.

Just another life ruined.  Ruined and held captive by Abel Reyna whose father is writing my friend crazy texts about forking scooters and not being grand marshal of a suicide prevention parade where he thinks a “dunking booth” is funny.

Reading these stupid messages is like watching the Kardashians,  you’ll hate yourself afterwards everytime because you know it’s stupid.

Meanwhile, Parnell McNamara has raided the Purple Orchid massage parlor and freed another sex slave.  No names of the “Johns”,  local bankers,  preachers, and God knows who else,  were not released so that the charges could be sold without even a word passing between the parties involved,  just another well run conspiracy without a word run in front of everyone.

They think we’re stupid.

I know better.

August 23rd.  Sheriff McNamara outside Massage Parlor while Harry’s friend and others still get texts and wait.


Without the names of the Masturbation Parlor men,  it’s no longer even interesting.  Everyone now knows to just be glad the restaurant folks wear those gloves.  Asian Cafe has taken over the Las Vegas and here we go again,  gawddamnit.

Sheriff McNamara says,  “I don’t speak Mandarin, so we got her a translator.”


Meanwhile somewhere at Brookshire’s a fat man on a scooter is planning his Baylor educated retired Judge,  “I’m nuts”,  defense.

Harry feels like it’s Sunday in Taylor,  put make up on underneath your eye where your dad hit you,  put a smile on your face and don’t take your coat off,  pretend we’re a happy Catholic family,  we got Deacons and Ushers.

This is why Parnell being on the Cover of Texas Monthly six times is hope I am clinging to,  that’s big stuff where I come from,  why not spend a day getting a translator and let public corruption go on the back burner.

So,  if you’ve gotten this far,  you’re in Harry’s world of hell.  The epic movie we have going on in front of us to cover up the most rotten,  evil, brazen, shit going on in front of us that anyone’s ever seen and not written about.

They are still writing Harry as of today,  Harry’s friend too.  Thank goodness Harry knew about burning off sins,  little ones in Purgatory,  that prepared him for this.  What?   They got rid of that too?

The Ritalin makes my hand shake.




  1. Hello Stupid. Sherre has erased the years of comments she and I have written back to one another. I included them all in one of the last Chapters. Not up to me to do your research for you. I also have her certified fucking DPS file, unfortunately, my scanner isn’t working but as soon as it does, you will see the DPS file. No, she has no All Points Bulletin, I corrected that, I don’t mind being wrong. She has a Restraining Order against her to stay off KWTX property. Wow. Do your research before you write me.

  2. So where did the poster come from? I don’t care if law enforcement laughs, fat fucks. I have 140K readership and until you bring me proof with your bullshit fuck off.

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