Chapter 5

July 21, 2018  Destiny Matters Suicide Awareness Jeep Event,  McGregor, Texas

“I love a parade”

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That Harry has emenies is a given.  Picked on as he was and given ultimatums,  when confronted by “David Spence did the crime”,  or the road by Truman Simons,  Vic Feazell and,  yep,  Sherre Johnston in 2002,  fifteen years of suffering later,  fucking Harry Storm was born to protect a woman who deserved better and truth to scream.  Okay,  she only got one story published but it was on her own,  okay,  it was about a cat.

When Harry was still all female,  and loved,  perhaps Vic Feazell would tell you that in 1981 he and his then wife who,  was fucking all good Catholic female totally “Simonized”,  and “Victimized”  that Felipe Reyna wrote in HIS OWN HANDWRITING a nasty note on yellow legal paper to Vic Feazell about his then wife.  Vic,  remember this is 1981,  then took that note to his then friend,  Karen Matkin,  who worked for Felipe in the DA’s office back then,  Karen confirmed it was indeed her boss,  Felipe’s handwriting.  Getting this confirmed,  however, is probably going to be difficult since Vic Feazell even augmented the Walter Smith Testimony on HIS OWN website,  changing history,  or perhaps staying in it.  Heroes have problems giving up being heroes,  and young, adoring, fans.  Just like now,  enter the Rub and Tugs.

Notice how the Sheriff’s department NAMED a few of the guys,  but not ALL.  Nope.  They also didn’t let the public know that they gave ABEL REYNA the cases and names back in February or March.  Abel will dismiss those cases,  everyone knows it,  and some say he has been paid in advance to do that during the period of time between February 19th., when he went to Tennessee on that private airplane and the 26th. of February.  Hmmm.  Perhaps the Sheriff’s office has looked that up yet,  as they have evidence.  Could rumors be true?

So embarrassing now to look back and see how the truth was right there,  we all just missed it,  why,  distractions and pretty faces,  and egos and backroom dealings and law enforcement who couldn’t and wouldn’t get together and put it together and figure out that Vic Feazell and bribe MONEY was not what was happening.  THEY didn’t know who was who on the fucking tapes and Barlow and Youts were trading Al Smith and another one for Tony’s fucking confession.


It’s on tape.  Fredric Dannen has them.   Here’s his email,  ask him.

Fredric Dannen <dannen@earthlink.net>
So here we are,  the upcoming July 21, 2018 Destiny Matters.
The woman is an icon as far as Harry etc are concerned and when Harry found out that Scooter Boy Felipe Reyna was writing horseshit to her,  he couldn’t help but feel protective and yet happy that he had no transportation to the local Lorena Brookshire’s where Felipe and his scooter are said to be sighted from time to time signing autographed copies of his ignorant ass book “From Janitor to Justice”.  This little select group is trying to torture Julissa West,  Harry’s friend,  a great guy named Billy Hill who was the only refreshing set of balls in this thing,  and Harry’s having to sit back and wait for Sherre Johnston sightings in the surreal world of Harry vs. Berni vs. internet vs. truth.
In July of 2016 Harry drove back from the Grayhound Station on Mary Street after his son left him a note saying he was in cop trouble yet again and was heading back to Mexico.  Harry was surprised and scared to death,  had to pull over and have a panic attack.  On his way home in the old black Tahoe,  two obvious dope selling black men stepped in front of the Tahoe near an 8 liner bar and tried to sell Harry drugs thinking it was Harry’s son’s driving.
The Tahoe soon went to the same place as Gilbert Melendez’s 1991 truck that sat by Truman Simon’s window and was shredded at Lipshitz.  Harry didn’t have shit to lose and they had gone way too far.
Just like now.
Kevin Fisk says the only time that Gilbert truck ever ran was on Harry’s blog but what can anyone say when you have that moment,  “YOU KNOW”,  and everything else fades away?
Thank goodness for Harry,  he’s still in business in cyberworld fending off Christian women from Woodway over Sherre J.  Harry knows it looks like he is picking on her and he is but they are three against Harry’s two,  and now without them hurting Harry’s son to get even,  they had created something and someone that had a voice,  that couldn’t curse or say “pussywhupped”,  “fuck you”,  enough for readers who soon flocked to Harry like mad,  working in unison UNLIKE OUR FUCKING LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES THE IDIOTS who just want that future book for themselves.
So they pretend to be the “strong, silent, type”,  right?  Like Truman before he shredded the truck.
Ha!  Gotcha again.
Harry wanted desperately to go to that fucking suicide parade,  he is dying to meet Julissa West in person and just melt like everyone else does when they see a woman so damned brave and a system so corrupt she has had to show up at Hearings to tell the truth about your DA and they won’t let her.
Judge Fishface Doug Shaver,  well,  Harry filed a Grievance against Fishface,  he knows it too.  When faced with being anonymous or signing a form from the Judicial Qualifications and Ethics Board to use Harry’s real name,  he signed it.  Therefore,  Judge Fishface Shaver had to drive to Austin in the shitty traffic,  probably in a diaper,  the old ugly bugger,  and tell a group of NORMAL PEOPLE in an open setting why the fuck he wouldn’t let Julissa West testify and he was damned ugly to her.  See the hyperlink below to Judge Shaver story on blog.
At this point Harry would like to say to Judge Doug Shaver that he has taught the biker women who are all smart and willing,  HOW TO FILE AGAINST JUDGES,  that goes for you too, Matt Johnson,  mean and hateful.  60 degree courtroom.  Mean to people.  You need to retire or enjoy the Austin traffic.  We know the system now and we will use it against you.  Strother,  thank God you’re retiring.  Judge Vik,  well,  your poster child for fuck up is that sweet Sherre Johnston deal,  wow,  after that puff piece the the Trib, she’s your new success story.
Judge Vik,  we want someone to run against you.
Back to the gawdamned parade.
July 20th.  2018,  Harry finds out Sheriff Parnell McNamara is going to go and be in McGregor to protect Julissa West.  Thank God.  Harry wants to go hang out with Billy Hill more than just about anything,  he thinks perhaps he can get Billy to take him “hog hunting” which is something still on the bucket list.  Billy makes Harry forget how pissed off he is and more than once a text from Billy Hill has made Harry have to change pajamas from some unexpected combination of incredible curse words.  Harry sometimes misses Truman and Vic,  Harry misses his cousins and the people who were funny.  The thought of riding with Billy Hill in a Jeep had Harry hopping up and down for two days until he figured out it was 130 degrees.
There was a huge turnout and Harry watched a live feed because they had everything and the event was huge.  There was no scooter in the parking lot or riding around as Harry watched the live feed so he knew he had the parking lot while Parnell rode in the parade.
“Parnell McNamara is going to protect Julissa at the parade and he’s been on the cover of gawddamned TEXAS MONTHLY six fucking times.”
“Parnell McNamara is going to protect Julissa at the parade and he’s been on the cover of gawdamned TEXAS MONTHLY six fucking times.”
Harry and others think that Felipe wants to run this charity event because he/they want to skim money like they have been said to have done in the past.  Bullying Julissa West?
Don’t overthink an obvious,  “Hell, no.”
Harry knew that someday in the future he’d get to write about what happened to Julissa and hopefully,  how Parnell McNamara solved the problem.
They’re about the same age,  know each other their whole life,  get real.
Don’t over think it.
Why does Parnell continue to pop the Rub and Tugs when he has been told that Abel is probably going to DISMISS THEM ALL and there could be bribes involved?
“Parnell McNamara is going to protect Julissa by riding in the parade.”
Jesus Christ,  it hit Harry like a ton of bricks.
Rather than talking to an obviously drunk Felipe Reyna who,  by the way you KNOW is doing this because you’ve been investigating this phone shit since March 26th.,  along with a bribery case AND we have given you proof and willing people who will tell you they have some kind of gawddamned charity scheme going on here.
March 26th.  now,  it’s July 21st and Parnell McNamara solves the problem and protects Julissa West from the REAL RETIRED TEXAS APPELLATE COURT JUSTICE,  by riding in the motherfucking parade.
So,  we have two worlds,  the real world and the “pretty” world where Parnell McNamara says,  “I don’t speak Mandarin so we had to get a translator”,  with his sexy glasses on,  AND a world where he is going to ride in a fucking parade instead of confronting a stupid drunk motherfucker on a scooter.
Harry would end by saying,  “drop by and just shoot me,”  but we have to remember that Sherre Johnston is out there somewhere and,  you better believe she has something to do with this.  Don’t know WHAT yet,  if you need more than that 911 tape.
The man that is protecting Julissa got Sherre Johnston to make that 911 tape.
Harry’s getting worried.  We know one is Felipe, but how does Billy Hill fit in?  All he did was be a friend of Julissa’s and want to do an event for suicide prevention.  Certainly,  no one on the surface looks sinister enough to be doing this,  and,  most are actually funny,  the writer of these messages is anything but funny,  tedious.  Wondering who it is and thinking it could be someone close is maddening.
Staying quiet is hard for Harry during this because he knows the answers and can’t say them,  only human,  he’s been known to burn someone now and then just through sheer frustration.
The next day was July the 22nd.  and Harry wondered how grateful he should feel that Parnell McNamara rode in that parade and protected everyone from Retired Texas Appellate Court Justice Felipe Reyna.
When Harry can’t tell or write he just has to keep saying over and over again those words that mean more to a Texan than just about any CIA clearance.
More than Tinker Bell fading away murmuring,  “believe,  believe”,  Harry was hanging his hat on that fucking TEXAS MONTHLY.
You know Sheriff was on the cover six times.

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