Chapter 4


“Fuck Felipe Wednesday”


Seemingly,  Felipe Reyna wants to get his hands on a Charity Event,  one can only speculate if indeed it IS Felipe Reyna and if indeed the reason for wanting to be “Grand Marshall” of a Teen Prevention Suicide Parade is sinister.  Certainly,  Retired Texas Appellate Court Justice Felipe Reyna it seems is writing to Harry’s friend,  thinking he’s someone else.

Since we are throwing open doors,  the person who is writing in the white is local bail bondsman and Grand Marshall of the Destiny Matters Parade,  Billy Hill.  Hill says he’s waiting for the SO to come by and pick up all the messages and phone numbers he has,  we sorely wish others,  who got this stuff would go to the SO instead of waiting.  Makes a person wonder what on earth is going on and one just has to be suspicious of everyone,  even Billy Hill.

Oh, well,  the Sheriff and his folks are on this and the parade is finally going to take place soon so whatever is going on should be over by then.  If indeed it is Justice Reyna,  father of the District Attorney writing crazy shit to Harry’s friend with the .39,  blood test,  certainly there was nothing to worry about.

After all,  our Sheriff has been on the cover of TEXAS MONTHLY six times.



tombstone text

tomb 2tomb3tomb4tomb6tomb7tomb8

There’s more,  there always is.



  1. Hey there Harry!

    It has been awhile since I visited your site and I apologize for that, but you know this damn interweb has continuous off ramps and it is hard as hell to get back on where you exited. Plus, I have been busy here in Henderson County quietly being civilly disobedient. I am a little lost when I read this post, but I will try and catch up on the posts I missed so it will all make sense. I am hoping the Libertarian Party does well in November. We have new leadership in our county LP and they are doing things to grow the party and awaken the masses. I became a member of TEXASOUTLAWPRESS with old friend Texas Outlaw Poet Jeff Callaway and Benjamin Leder. I am going to tell them about this site and a little about Lake Waco. We all three live on or near Cedar Creek Lake (Reservoir) so we like lake stories and learning county secrets and history. Keep on Keepin’ On!

    #Stradog in Gun Barrel City, Texas aka Frederick H. Stralow-Rick

  2. Thanks, I had to fast track the story because it appears to me that retired Justice Felipe Reyna is going to try to pull the old “I am old and incompetent” routine to cover up his misdeeds and that of others. So, I am going to cut that off at the pass. These good old boys have overplayed this one. They also are messaging me, which takes it away from my “Harry’s friend” and lets me jump in because it’s happening to ME too now. I am just going to expose them with their own stuff. They assume everyone is stupid. They don’t know my readers. Thanks, hang in there with me. Harry

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