CHAPTER 3


June 30, 2018

” Dunking Booth at a Suicide Prevention Event”

Keep in mind that you can’t “overthink” this part,  your part comes later,  just know what IS.  Harry was trained by the best bastard lawyers,  Harry’s heard the word,  “EVIDENCE” screamed across rooms.  Well,  here it is.

Julissa West and Bail Bondsman Billy Hill were putting on this parade in McGregor,  and it would  seem,  that Felipe Reyna or someone pretending to be Felipe Reyna using Intelliquent and Neutral Tandem was writing to, of all people,  Harry’s friend with the pending DWI.  What the hell?  No one could figure out why this was happening until it came to light that Billy had responded back to the text messages and that the ones that were coming to him had at least for the moment,  stopped,  however,  Harry’s friend had,  get this………..

The same name as the 3rd in Command of the DESTINY MATTERS event.

So,  now the guy with the pending DWI,  the .39 blood alcohol result, the crazy pictures from March 25th., was getting texts.  Naturally, he turned these “in” to the Sheriff’s department,  At the same time,  in McGregor other people were getting these same type texts from someone wanting to be IN CHARGE of the Destiny Matters Event.  Julissa West,  who isn’t scared of a damned thing called Parnell McNamara,  because Julissa knew along with a few others,  that the Sheriff’s people were investigating.

#10 You are a whiney bastard

#9 Luis Vuitton and Designer purses

#8 Protest Big Mo and Elmer

#7 VIP and Grand Marshall......Resign not happening

#6 My book

#5 Please send me gastric bypass

#4 Felipe crazy rant

#3 rant

#2 Felipe rant

Rumor has it that the GOODFELLAS had a cancer benefit for Dwayne Densman,  and it was hosted by Abel Reyna and his wife.  Some say that the amount of money was a bit “light.”  Now,  you can’t believe all you hear,  when word of “Little Layla” hit  Harry,  he couldn’t believe it,  you can’t make this shit up.

Felipe Goodfellas

Could this be true?  Hell,  the more you know the more you don’t know.

Slowly going insane trying to overthink these idiot texts,  Harry and friends spend the Summer reporting on Rub and Tugs and dog sex offenders in Bellmead.

Then,  for Harry,  it gets personal.




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