Chapter 2

March 25, 2017




Mid February of 2018,  Harry’s friend got another call from the 000-0000 number,  this one said,  “Are you afraid for your life yet.”


March 25th., 2017    FIVE DAYS AFTER THE HARRY Blog asking public for help on 000.


Harry’s friend, wouldn’t budge off NOT going to the cops, nope,  not happening and Harry was frustrated as hell.  Harry’s friend’s DWI was pending and just ridiculous. He also feared for his life after the bribe call,

Harry Fact #1:  The DWI was no good,  Harry’s friend had a blood draw at Hillcrest and

the result came back at a .39 which is physically impossible.  Look it up.

With no good film and a .39 blood test,  any Prosecutor would throw it



The blog must have hit a nerve and in an effort to throw Harry and all of those in this County who are tired as hell of this corruption,  because on March 25th., 2018,  THIS message went to over 10 different people in this county.  One of those was Barry Johnson himself.

This message was sent from Inteliquent which is another paid secret phone service.  This message was sent out to throw everyone OFF the Magic Jack 000-0000 number.  It didn’t work, however,  see,   Harry has got a good friend,  one Kevin Fisk.  Harry called Kevin right away when his friend got the bribe call.  Nope,  Harry ain’t doin’ this alone.


By this time,  hell by December,  Harry was no longer alone,  a huge group of citizens who felt the same way were coming forward,  some wanting to remain anonymous,  some wanting to “go all the way.”

We had to keep Harry’s friend’s secret,  that’s just the way it was.

Until this.

Warning:  Messages below are real.  Not edited.  If they offend you.  Well,  us too.



The very next day Harry got his friend,  who was TOTALLY FREAKED OUT,  to take this and the bribe information and file that was being kept by a former Lieutenant with the Waco Fire Department,  Kevin Fisk.  Hell,  we were all keeping records,  just waiting to find someone to gawddamn tell.

Well,  the proof about the 000-0000 number,  the second “are you scared yet” call,  and the messages above were taken to the Office of the McLennan County Sheriff’s department on March 26th., 2018.

Some five months back.

You can ask “Why,” or do whatever,  fact is,  none of this makes much sense except to throw us off Magic Jack and “On” to Inteliquent and another company called “Neutral Tandem.”

While investigating this during the months in between the bribery call and March 26th.  some interesting things were gleaned from AT&T.

Some of the calls were made from “Reyna and Reed,”  others were made from the DA’s office,  and the office of a “Jason Chambers.”

Anyone butt hurt and/or innocent,  take it over to the SO and ask for David Johnson,  he’s got the evidence in hand.  Sorry,  this just is.




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