Chapter One


July 2017 –   Magic Jack bribe call,   000-0000 number

February 2018 – Second call to Harry’s friend asking,  “Are you afraid for your life                                     yet?”

March 3, 2018 – Abel Reyna loses by 20% to Barry Johnston


Harry knew about this bribery stuff.  Mad  as hell too.  Couldn’t do a damned thing about it except pick at the very visible Sherre J.  Who the hell knew that woman would become the face of “what the hell’s wrong with this town and proud of it.”  Even in the most vivid   imaginations did anyone see the weekend jail and then showing up drunk coming.  Not Harry.  Nope.

Harry could pick at Sherre,  after all,  it got to be a weekly thing and the burglary of the Sheriff’s shed was,  I’m sorry,  priceless.

Entertaining the building rage in Harry got to come out in blurbs ridiculing the obvious favoritism of Sherre J,  Falcone, and that guy who had the girl drown in the hottub that went to Abel’s sponsored rehab.  Give me a break.

Whole town knows Sherre’s got so much on so many it’s unbelievable.  Let’s just talk truth here.  Looks like  Sherre J and our Sheriff moved the body of his brother.  Anyone want to argue that one?  Okay.  Why can’t we move on?  How many years is that get out of jail card good for anyway?

What kind of faith can we have in a Sheriff that actually got her to make this incredible call in the first place.


That’s just a rant,  sorry,  I can’t help it.


March 20, 2017

Harry’s been keeping the secret of the bribe to his friend,  wanting desperately to put out a plea on the blog for anyone who had also had a call from a MAGIC JACK NUMBER and bribe.

So,  Harry just got up on the 20th. and did it.  Harry wrote this blog.




       Abel Reyna lost the election the game is over.


If you have been called by an 000-0000 number asking if you want your “legal problems to go away”, and the amount is $15K,   please reply to this blog.  You are not alone.  If your defense lawyer is acting suspicious and doesn’t seem to realize your case is a piece of ca-ca and you just can’t seem to get it through his head that you are INNOCENT.  You are not alone.  The election is OVER,  Abel Reyna and his many cronies will be exposed and very soon.

For this you need willing lawyers,  he had those,  a secret phone number,  check,  and a bag man.

Those who received these calls should know that this GAME IS OVER and it is safe to come forward.  YOU are not alone.


Within four hours,  Harry had a reply.

MAR 20TH, 12:30PM

Had Enough: you are bad. But I like

Harry:You can’t make this shit up

Had Enough: I know. Amazing!!


Had Enough: People were getting calls from the 000000 number asking them to vote for Abel too. Coincidence Think not

Had Enough: Sorry it text from the 00000


Harry: HOLY SHIT, thank you.

Had Enough: I’m asking if he still has it in his phone and to send it to me if he does

te for Abel too. Coincidence Think not
Sorry it text from the 00000


Harry: HOLY SHIT, thank you.

Had Enough: I’m asking if he still has it in his phone and to send it to me if he does


Harry: OMG

Had Enough: Damnit he deleted it. But I can assure you if you wrote about it next to the other magic jack blog, people would put 2 and 2 together. It was sent to my son in law He deleted old stuff last week. Shit!


Harry had enough.  He could prove real,  “Evidence” now.  The only problem was that within four hours Harry’s friend came to his house,  and screamed those dreaded words,  “TAKE IT DOWN,  gawddamnit,  take that thing DOWN.”

No problema.  Harry had all he needed except his friend’s permission to use it.

THAT was a problem.

That was a problem until March 26th.  but that’s another story.

See you there.






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