The call came from an 000-0000 number,  this is also a ”MAGIC JACK” number,  which is advertised on television and you can buy one at Wal-Mart.  It allows you to keep your identity a secret and you can just call and text and mess with people,  or in this case,  extort a bribe from them.

What do you do?  Do you tell someone in WACO?  The PD?  FBI? Sheriff? DA?

Who can you trust?

No one.

You have a Waco lawyer and this guy was paid $15K UPFRONT which was about all you had left in the world.

But You don’t trust him either,  like most people in this county,  you trust “none of them.”

You think…maybe this was just a joke…maybe I’m just imagining it…

But there it is, 000-0000 on your phone…this is surreal, you think.

Then the thought  snakes through your mind unbidden…What’s next?…








IF you want to learn more about Magic Jack,  it is included below.  The bribe with the actual caller was MAGIC JACK.  This text is from another private phone company called Intelliquent,  or Neutral Tandem.  More about that in the coming series.


Image result for can you text with magicjack app
With magicApp Companion appyou can have your home phone and smartphone ring simultaneously! It works just like using your magicJackservice at home. PLUS get unlimited text messages to any U.S. mobile number.




  1. Wish you can share some commentary on the recent bust on the rub and tug and labor trafficking. I enjoy the writing .. wish I can author a post

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