I don’t like you either you’re fat and smell like urine.


I can change my mind.  I can see evidence that changes my mind or makes me ponder what is truth and what is not.   Born and raised a Catholic,  I’ve seen quite a bit that has made me stop and ponder,  I have changed my mind more than once over many issues.

Recently I got a bitch note from some friend of Truman Simons,  always the women take up for him,  you have to wonder.  Anyway,  she says that “Judy never liked you and thinks you’re psychotic.”

Whether or not she liked ME has absolutely NOTHING to do with it.

In your logic if she doesn’t like me,  I shouldn’t have feelings or like her or take up for her.

That’s nuts.

I didn’t like when Truman shredded Gilbert Melendez’s truck at Lipshitz either.



Gilbert's truck


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