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She wears very little makeup, and she has never had fillers or anything else done to her face, that I can tell. She has been through a lot the last three years. Obviously, she’s a very pretty woman who makes certain women very jealous.
I’ve been told that you only print comments that fall into your agenda. We’ll see if you print this


Hey,  Elaine,  I like Judy Simons better.





6 thoughts on “HEY ELAINE: BITE ME

  1. Truman likes to tell people Jude and Bern weren’t friends. So very funny, another desperate lie but funny. Ask Truman why he shredded Gilbert’s truck.

  2. I used to love Truman very much and I believed everything he told me, until I didn’t. Then I realized I had been “Simonized”, in 2002, Truman, Vic, and Sherre told me that I either believed Spence did it or I was out. So, I am out. I have the Sherre email up here on the blog somewhere from 2002, I only say what I can prove. I believe the picture of me and Judy disproves Truman’s scenario.

  3. Hey, Rhonda from Bellmead on Disability, I believe? Fuck you. Clean your house up. Watch me erase your dumbass. Truman will hide behind ANY woman, obviously, including you.

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