“Just when I was questioning the existence of God after being told Ted Cruz had a twin”

Sherre Johnston,  yep,  sure is


Sherre Johnston is just the pretty face of hypocrisy and injustice,  or let’s just say downright in your face corruption.  That’s what this was.  In your face.  Rubbed.  Over and over again.

Unfortunately,  turns out like a lot of them,  including Abel Reyna who just cries,  instead of cracking a joke, Sherre J has no sense of humor.  None of them do.  Judge Matt Johnson,  shades of red faced anger like a barometer,  got the air conditioner on 65 and throws out old men who don’t know shit about cell phones,  Fish Face Doug Shaver,  Ralph Strother,  Judge Vik who told me he took the recommendation of the Prosecutor on January 12th. when he had the NERVE to sit there and DROP A GUN CHARGE AGAINST AN IDIOT.

They get away with stuff,  year after year,  you know it,  and now in the age of cell phones, FACEBOOK, and the citizen bloggers who helped change an election,  you might want to start thinking twice about you’re up to.

We brought a rebellion of the hidden and highly pissed off.  We get a sense of justice at the age of 5.  Did you know that.  It’s just in us.

My favorite definition of pornography is “I know it when I see it”, the same goes for this corruption that is bragged about with god on our side and no sense of humor whatsoever.

“The Emperor’s New Clothes”

We see you.  We see right through you.  We will endure being picked on for just a little while longer.  When we send you a Public Information Request and you play with us by sending to the Attorney General’s Office for an Opinion,  delaying justice for your fun and ego.  You can put us off for those precious thirty days and it will feel good but it looks like to me,  your side is losing.  We are more patient.

Sherre J let us know everything a cheerleader in the 8th grade can transmit to the other girls with one Chinese split on the goal line.  We know.  Women have been women all their life.  There are women’s women.  Then there are those predators who are men’s women,  Sherre is all that and more,  however,  everyone in the entire world,  at least according to THIS blog’s numbers,  seemed to be paying more attention to the words,  “with a gun”, than our own mild mannered Judge Vik.  I don’t know his last name and refuse to look it up,  it’s a bad scrabble hand with no vowels.

Let’s ad in the missing ingredients from a lot of our players who probably started off as nice folks and ended up with a bad case of greed, dumbass,  and just no gawddamned idea of self.

You ad ass kissers to that and you have a recipe for trouble.

Face it people,  BIKERS feel sorry for us and I think they think we don’t know, and THAT fact saddens me.  WE do.

You went too far,  Judge Vik,  little Prosecutrix what’s your name London, the Sarah Sanders of local bullshit,and of course,  Abel Reyna.

When did we all get so mean?  When we watched the Jake Carrizal trial with an open mind and saw what we saw,  one grandiose,  over price one man show. Bikers said,  take no prisoners,  and by the time that trial was over me too.

We have seen the brave few,  Julissa West,  Greg Davis,  Brittany Scaramucci, and others who said,  “Hell, no”.    We are waiting to hear the truth from them.  You know the true heroes of this when you see them.

I will end my rant and “we told you” so with these words about the Sherre Johnston case….





  1. I thought she may have had something on one or two of them , but I’m thinking now she gonna ” Drsin Mckennan Counties ” Swamp!

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    1. I agree with you Judy, the fun starts around August 28th. Let’s see if the Texas Prison System fixes the problem before that…..NOT. Too many men have let her down (she thinks) Get ready. Can’t wait.

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