“To all of you who gave me crap about this bitch,  fuck you”…….Harry



Not even the “Good old boys” system could help little Sherre after she screwed the pooch at long last by finally proving she wasn’t worthy of having CASES DROPPED,  including unlawfully carrying a weapon,  and several DWI’s.  Oh, let’s not forget she burglarized the Sheriff’s shed and we’ve not heard about that again either.

This time she has shown us who she is,   a druggie,  instead of blaming others this time,  it’s on, baby girl,  you did it and a stint in an expensive rehab is not going to save you.

CONTRABAND,  she showed up drunk and had drugs on her.  Smmmmart?  Well,  we told you so Judge Vik,  who obviously is nothing but another pawn in the McLennan County game of thrones we call Justice for the few.  Her “best friend” Abel Reyna can’t help her now but what the hell,  hasn’t he done enough for this little hypocritical drunk already?

Guess the owner of a “Christian Boutique” and plaything of many,  including Truman Simons,  will be finally be getting what…………


To Judge Vik:  If you are nothing but an arm of the DA’s office,  we need someone to run against YOU in four years just for this if nothing else.

To our idiots at the DA’s office:  We hope you have the sense to be embarrassed.
























  1. I swas jumping up and down, just hoping she doesn’t take a few down with her.

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  2. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost. She’s clearly come unhinged at a rapid pace and needs some serious professional help. But as most folks know, you have to admit you have a problem first and she will never do that. She the person who had so little self-awareness that she caused a huge scene at her mother-in-law’s funeral and even called the police, insisting they remove Cameron T. from the premises. John’s family has been concerned about their children for years because of her escalating psychotic behavior but to hear either John or Sherre tell it, it’s a simple misunderstanding or a conspiracy or, my personal favorite, Jesus told her she was doing the right thing. Maybe she’ll actually be held accountable for once this time and learn a lesson or two about how to act in a civilized society. I doubt it, but we can always hope.

    1. I’ve talked to people both John and Sherre have totally screwed over, people who remain anonymous. I told Sherre, VF, and Truman in 2002 I was going to get them if it took me the rest of my life. I found out Truman Simons shredded Gilbert Melendez’s truck at Lipshitz after owning it over twenty years and baby, that was IT. No. They gave me a choice and I took it. She was treated like a diamond in this, and she flaunted her good looks and friendship with Abel in a manner women “get” and don’t leave their husband with. WITH A GUN. Jesus Christ, with a gun. They let Sherre Johnston off a gun charge. They are exposed, she is just the most flagrant and, obviously, my personal pick. Who the hell knew? I picked on them, they are all the same to me, and trust me, they fked me every which way possible. Once Vic, who hired Sherre Johnston to work for him making it easy for Truman to see her daily … (hello, calling all Christians?) They are the biggest hypocrites and liars I have ever seen and they are exposed, I think the tide has changed, I think soon all manner of evil will be exposed. After all, for you hippies out there this really is the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”. I knew Sherre, I knew her mother, her mom and I shared the same birthday. Sherre is evil and likes guys in uniform, loves to be the pretty center of attraction and they all have embarrassed themselves AND don’t get me started on John. I will NOT feel sorry for her. No. They re trying Jake Carrizal for RIOT, A true riot is watching them squirm now. THEY know they messed up on her. She rubbed it in everyone’s face. She needs a time out. Maybe if someone had had the nads to tell her what was real we wouldn’t be here. Cute girls and ass kissers, somewhat boring and predictable. So is the downfall of “invincible”. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Thanks for reading me, you are a sick puppy and obviously not alone.

  3. Yeah, but Shaun Kane, there’s something cosmic about this shit. Who but an angry God with a wild sense of humor could orchestrate this scenario? I mean, this shit is wild even by Waco Standards, (oxymoron). This shit was wrong, they lied, and we know Abel is corrupt. I think they have dismissed all of us Shaun Kanes and Harry Storms out there, so full of themselves, they’ve been bad and that’s over. Take that. THIS is cosmic, I mean, come on here, smuggling contraband into a correctional facility, call me June Allyson all day.

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