You know you can’t make this shit up.


You may or may not know this but once upon a long time ago Felipe Reyna was a Democrat.  Yep.  The night he lost to Vic Feazell,  he did not take it gracefully and he decided to switch to the Republican Party.  That was 1982.  He was clueless that he could actually lose and went totally around the bend on tv.

Now we have Abel Reyna losing and the former Appellate Court Justice having a really rough time figuring out how on earth a Reyna could lose by 20%.

First they blamed Judge “Fish Face” Shaver for chastising Abel in court over his Facebook that last election day.  Then it was the bikers.  Well,  now it’s those bastard toy gathering at Christmas members of the Goodfellas Club.  THEY did this.

While the people left in the DA’s office extract their pitiful revenge,   charging Jake Carrrizal with RIOT,  was indeed a riot,  I am still laughing.  However,  it’s an assh*le thing to do and everyone knows it.

Judge Tom Bartlett from Marlin, Texas,  years ago said,  “In Texas we all know that the first law is the “chickensh*t law.”

We sure know it when we see it.  These biker “RE-Indictments” are just that,  it’s embarrassing and unnecessary.  The public,  whom they think are all stupid,  suffers and looks on embarrassed FOR them.

Since this post by Justice Felipe Reyna is all over the Internet, in case you just woke up from a massive coma or your aunt in McGregor hasn’t seen this yet,  here it is.  We decided to wake up after weeks of reading about this insanity and just being embarrassed and depressed that they are so “right” and everyone else is so “wrong” and must be punished,  even if they’re not here to do it,  dumping this crapshoot on Barry Johnson.

Below is the Message from Justice Felipe Reyna to the Goodfellas.  Is someone day drinking on their scooter?

We all know chickenshit when we see it,  we know sore losers too.



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