“Better living through plastic”

In case you did not know it,  ZANG’S reign as the Rub and Tug Queen of Castle Heights ended in McLennan County with her kicking and karate chopping her way out of town on a one way ticket via Sheriff McNamara.  She landed in BELL COUNTY like the plague and SEVEN massage parlors were opened,  WHAM!”  overnight.  The good people of Bell County shut them down just as quickly last week.  It’s pretty obvious from her February photo here and her recent photo in Bell County,  she has been on the downhill slope.  Take a look below.

ZANG FEBRUARY 2018  Still looking pretty good, defiant,  ready to make her fortune here in Waco by hand.

Chun Yang Zhang


ZANG MAY 2018  (puffy,  very puffy)


Since Zang is now finally gone forever,  what will the men do?  What will the wives do without the husbands travelling to Temple M-W-F?  We have the solution.

ZANG;  The Home Version.  This “Zang” promises never to get tired,  stay clean,  neat, and disease free,  as long as you don’t loan her to your friends,  AND can be left in the driver’s set of your car in a Handicapped spot while you run into 7-ll for rolling papers and beer.  She will arrive to you in perfect condition in a plain, brown, package from Juarez, Mexico,  within seven days of order marked,  “Coffee”, for your protection.  True Happy Endings that don’t end with a bailbondsman,  think about it,  ZANG,  at home or out.  Lawyer free!

ZANG and Pepe dine downtown before Cotton Palace Pageant.

Image result for plastic doll japanese fill with water

ZANG and Pepe at Cathay house.  

Image result for plastic doll japanese fill with water

If you prefer a meatier ZANG,  this model can be filled with warm water!



We also have,  for the very adventurous,  the blow up “TANG the LUMBERJACK”  doll,  here seen after one hell of a night in South Texas at the deer lease.

Image result for japanese lumberjack

Goodbye Zang,  hello Gatesville Womens Prison.


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