NOW I’M REALLY MAD

We’ve turned into a bunch of masturbating dumbshits who don’t feed  animals?  Between ZANG And these absolute embarrassments to the human race and most especially to the owner of a seventeen pound cat,  what the hell were you thinking.  Never mind the speech,  fu*k these people up,  that picture of the dead calf was terrible.



Trentin David Bolden, 18, who will turn 19 years old Friday, and Keirstin Michele Perkins, 20, were arrested on Class A misdemeanor cruelty to livestock charges, and Gina Louise Bolden, 41, was arrested on a Class B misdemeanor charge of making a false report to a peace officer.


The sheriff's office said they have found 4 dead calves and 4 dead horses.  (Source: McLennan County Sheriff's Office)



(Source: KXXV)

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