April 7, 2018 Jail list from Johnson to Joiner,  no Sherre J


Rumor,  strictly rumor has it that Sherre didn’t want to go to jail so she told the Judge she was having surgery or was ill and needed “six weeks off”,   Judge Vik who we have already pegged as either a crook or a dumbass or combo of both AND,  is running unopposed this year,   signed off on this bullsh#t.  Rumor,  however is backed up by yet another missed weekend in the local lock up.  Nope, again.

My son went to jail,  JAIL,  yep,  jail for FOUR months.  FOUR.  It was inconvenient at the very least,  he didn’t like it but he went.  The charges were later dropped by Abelino but the harm still lingers,  ask Google.  I am not alone.

Sherre Johnston,  wife of our Assistant Fire Chief says she’s never received any special treatment via Abel Reyna etc,  yet here are the facts: three DWI’s,  unlawfully carrying a weapon,  and failure to identify (didn’t want the cops to know who she was).  Okay,  drop the gun charge (oh, hell,  why not,  just a drunk woman with a gun),  turn the three DWI’s into 1 and give her 180 days to do on the weekends,  with NO PROBATION OFFICER.  No urine test.  Hello?  No one to turn her in to if she messes up.  Free.  Libre.

So she posts a photo of herself skydiving and has missed four weeks out of six in the jail.   If your ass is in jail,  you “get it”,  you understand the double standard and blatant behavior,  unfortunately,  she doesn’t and neither do the people around her.

It don’t look good.

Nope,  it doesn’t.


Giving “testimony” at Woodway Baptist doesn’t really count as time served.  “Giving it to the Lord”,  doesn’t mean that you don’t have to satisfy the little problem of civil obedience which,  unfortunately at times,  we all have to abide by.


Do the time first,  then skydive.

IF you have a pending DWI,   try this,  we dare you to get your lawyer to ask Judge Vik for the same treatment.  Hasn’t he set a a standard for this NOW?



If you have the time to Fotoshop your teeth,  maybe you should consider completing your sentence?  Just sayin’.



Judge-Deivanayagam,  DUMBASS, or crook,   if you have a case in his court,  ask your lawyer to get the same SWEET ASS DEAL Sherre Johnston got,  go ahead,  try it.  We dare you.  Hell,  your lawyer will be too embarrassed to even ask.  Get real.  Running unopposed,  this is the real tragedy.  UNopposed.  Sign off on six weeks off and no probation?  Sure,  why not.  This is Judge Vik Deivanayagam.   Shame on you.

Image of Judge Vik Deivanayagam


  1. Think they dropped a zero, and made it 18. Seems they suck at Math when friends/favors are involved.

  2. So 180 days to be done on weekends means she’s busy for the next 2 years on Saturday night and with the Rub and Tug out of business, how will Truman find relief for his meat puppet ?

    1. They don’t “see it”, total denial. Yes, Truman pulls those strings too, she thinks not but she’s wrong. He hides, he’s sneaky, however, I think she doesn’t behave for him either. Just putting her FACEBOOK page on a privacy setting would help but she doesn’t. Supposedly she took six weeks off from jail for an illness or surgery and the Judge okayed it, then she posts skydiving pictures. You got me. I know this much, I’d be in jail, I’d expect to be prosecuted to the fullest and I’d be ashamed. DWI’s are nothing to be proud of. I’d at least do the damned punishment, it’s obvious that people around her have just given up on her alternative reality and it’s “there, there” time where you let the problem person just take over. That time between diagnosis and the nursing home. Judge Vik is absolutely THE dumbass too.

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    Well, she’s on FACEBOOK saying she didn’t ever do drugs in her entire life, it’s not what you had up there, it’s THAT you had it up there. You are 51 and we all think you “cooched”. Heart medicine, sure honey.

  4. Who do I have to bang to get her kinda treatment? Nvrmnd they’re all gross. I’d rather go to jail.

  5. I have laughed so hard for two days I might have to buy a rib belt. Thanks Sienna, I always can count on you to make me roll on the floor. Even I am amazed. Sweeet, no?

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