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    You got a choice big guy,  Sheriff Mc or your old lady





For those poor,  single ladies out there lamenting the end of CRAIGSLIST PERSONALS here’s your chance to get our own stud fresh from ZANG’S RUB AND TUG over on Washington where the “camera was in the clock”,  dumbass.  Anyway,  here is some fugitive meat or your Uncle or Boss.

Seems the guys over at the Sheriff’s department are getting turned off by the identification job they’ve got looking at the naked, hairy bodies of the local gentlemen, so they’re asking for help from the local ladies who have just been dying to turn into ‘COLUMBO” overnight.

Who knows maybe these old boys would rather turn themselves in than go home tonight.

A candlelight vigil will be held by all the single women of the county thanking GOD they aren’t married to one of these surprise packages below.

Here they are,  the men of April.

The Big 3.

Your turn,


If one of these is yours call for pick up,  or better yet,  delivery.


  1. Omg they must be reading your blog. We got pics now, lol. Hope they show all of them. I know a girl, and her nasty hubby would get all mad if she got him a gift card to a massage parlor that wasn’t Asian. And he prances around like he’s so freakin great. I tried telling her he was going for more than a massage.

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