“Can I see the children’s menu”

Remember that letter Abel wrote for his buddy Kevin Chirafis,  nephew of his BIG BUDDY Sammy Citrano?  The letter was to the Bureau of Pardons and paroles and asked them to give his buddy,  Kevin Chirafis a “full pardon”,   Abel insisted that Kev had “turned his life around” and was a valued employee at George’s Restaurant.

If you will remember back in March,  Barry Johnston beat Abel Reyna because of the “sweet deals” he gave to some very special people,  like Kevin Chirafis,  and those he threw the book at “five years in prison”,  was the going mantra for everyone else.

Seems Kevin didn’t turn his life around,  no,  he turned his car around and visited Zang’s Masturbation Parlor Rub and Tug where he got a massage and a sexual experience by a stranger who was just a little girl to most of us,   sixteen.

Between Uncle Dan’s and now George’s,  “Home Cooking” classes at MCC have picked up and sales of hand wash and rubber gloves are higher than usual.

Reports conclude that Uncle Dan’s stuffed potato is worth the risk and thoughts of having to jerk off Uncle Dan for sixty bucks,  go away when the smell of barbecue hits you,  we’re cool with that,   however, a lot of hand breading goes on at George’s so we’re wondering how that’s going to work out.  Frankly,  this guy just looks scary so maybe people will not pick on him with jack off isms and jokes,  nawww,  oh, hell no,   it’s on.  Between the tartar sauce and lip locker burgers Nephew Special Kevin will have the full menu of embarrassing jack off jokes.  He and the others deserve it.  ICK already.

Just can’t get those friends to stop embarrassing you,  it’s tough,  between Zang’s Rub and Tug and matrons skydiving on the weekends instead of hitting the jail,  life is tough.

On a happier note,  Kevin Chirafis just got married,  how’s that working out for you now that you’ve hit the Trib via a jackoff joint?

Think porn doesn’t rot your brain?




“That not secret sauce”

“Me 16 You scary”

“This not all you can beat special”

“”What the hell is with you Waco restaurant people”








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