Abel Reyna lost the election the game is over.


If you have been called by an 000-0000 number asking if you want your “legal problems to go away”, and the amount is $15K,   please reply to this blog.  You are not alone.  If your defense lawyer is acting suspicious and doesn’t seem to realize your case is a piece of ca-ca and you just can’t seem to get it through his head that you are INNOCENT.  You are not alone.  The election is OVER,  Abel Reyna and his many cronies will be exposed and very soon.

For this you need willing lawyers,  he had those,  a secret phone number,  check,  and a bag man.

Those who received these calls should know that this GAME IS OVER and it is safe to come forward.  YOU are not alone.


Jetting off to buy a commercial in private jet,  where’d ya get the $$

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