If you send a Public Information Request to McLennan County,  what do you get?  You get to wait at least thirty or so days while whomever “they” are send a copy of your Request to Ken Paxton the AG.  They send it off for an “OPINION” as to whether or not they have to honor your request.  This is standard operating procedure.  It’s a run around meant to play with the citizens and keep everything our Judges and DA does secret.

In this Opinion,  it seems that the AG’s office is growing a bit tired of being used as a tool by our DA and Courthouse.  FINALLY.

We ask that our NEW DA,  Barry Johnson,  take a look at the TEXAS TRANSPARENCY ACT and kick ALL our elected officials into reality and honesty.  The Transparency Act will stop this utter bullsh*t from the Commissioners Court to the Venerable Strother,  on to the DA’s office.

The time for OPEN GOVERNMENT is here,  it’s way overdue.

Shame on our public officials.  They think this shit’s funny.

The Texas Transparency Act will stop this and we demand it.


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