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A plea for help from another trapped county employee anonymously,  this time to:


Anonymous Anonymous said…

Reyna is angry, depressed, and moping around the office amid fears that Johnson will uncover unlawful actions which may leave him vulnerable to civil lawsuits once he leaves office. His paranoia is making it difficult to do our jobs. We’re seeing a side of him now that previously was concealed. And the looming threat of the federal investigation has worn him down to the point where he may be mentally unstable and prone to acting out. Stay tuned, more to come.

3/08/2018 02:07:00 PM


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  1. I feel bad for anyone suffering like this . I still cant imagine why he thought he’d be the King of Mclennsn County World forever and vonttinued ro accrpt under the table miney for get outtajail free cards . Additionally he arrested177 people for 9 murders … jeeez dude. Anyway, Im waiting for the unveiling of all the shenanigans for sure..

    • HOW they didn’t see this coming is way beyond me. The numbers were never there for them. Truly, those Reyna supporters acting all wild just fascinated me. Abel was too busy consoling people like John Carroll with KWTX to meltdown election night. Between erasing files, deleting files, taking home stuff, and being downright scared, the meltdown is coming. Emotional people. Take no prisoners.

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