Put it in writing and fear no man,  don’t put it in writing and fear no woman






  1. I’ve been binging your blog lately, and I think I figured most of it out, except one thing. And that is why the burglary in the first place. Sorry if that’s a dumb question. I just can’t figure that one out. Please keep writing. Also there’s a weird comment on one of TS pics on fb that took me a bit aback.

    1. S.J was in love with Mike Mc, she did a lot of wild things when he died. She went to the WAKE, made a scene, Sheriff had to take his brother’s coffin out of the funeral home, put it in the back of his truck and take it to the house. She had the affair with Mike Mc for a very long time, probably twenty years, so she was comfortable at the house, family home, and that shed. The shed is where Parnell and Mike Mc kept their cowboy stuff. Canteens, saddlebags etc. She went there and took saddlebags and a canteen. You got me as to why, when she was leaving Joe Johnson who used to be the District Clerk saw her and told Mrs. McNamara. See, Sherre had been going to Mike Mc’s grave over and over again, leaving love letters on it. I think they filed a restraining order on her, but I”m not sure, anyway, Mrs. Mc had a fit because she recognized Sherre and I guess Sheriff had no choice but to run that Search Warrant on Sherre’s house, as you can see on the KWTX link. HOWEVER, nothing came of it, she got by with that also. The KWTX link is “Businesswoman Charged with Burglary of Sheriff’s shed”, I can’t copy the link here. The menfolk think it’s some kind of cat fight. If I were a man they’d not question my motives, however, it is what it is. She got 5 DWI,s, unlawfully carrying a weapon, which was a gun, and failure to identify herself, here in McLennan County, three DWI’s, she had TWO in Williamson County they had moved here that disappeared. They took the three DWI’s and turned them in to one, dropped the gun charge and gave her 180 days, which she spends on the weekends. A lot of the bikers, don’t realize they don’t live here and we do, I have a friend who is looking at 5 years in prison from Abel’s office and he has had 3 DWI’s in a 20 year span. Unfair all over the place. SHE didn’t even get probation! Write me anytime, it’s a long saga but you can’t make this shit up, it’s fun. THEY wouldn’t do that for you nor I. Special treatment and dismissing DWI’s. Special folks!! Anytime you have a question just let me know. Thanks for reading my blog.

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