Liar, liar pants on fire


It’s six fifty five and a brand new day for McLennan County,  we rid ourselves of a tyrant who has ruled with threats,  manipulation, and sheer ego.  Justice here has been traded for stats and sometimes it seems,  downright FUN.  Well, no one is laughing anymore but they will tonight.

Abel will lose and lose big tonight sending him a message.  A big one.  The message is clear and across the board,  not just to Abel Reyna but to those who just stood by and let this happen.

FBI,  where the hell are you?  Is there an investigation of Reyna?  I think there might have been one for a few weeks but because our fair haired governor wannabee is Republican,  nothing happened with that.  How about now?   Same for DPS who is used to crawling off and hiding in a hole.  This clusterfk we call TWIN PEAKS didin’t exactly turn out the way “they” thought.  Come to think of it,  what the hell did they think was going to happen?  We don’t know.

We are treated as bad little boys and girls who can’t govern ourselves and our Public Officials have governed us in total secrecy.

Not just Abel.  Nope,  we have our “venerable” Judges.  Matt Johnson,  his rulings just let it happen and go on and on into the future.  A future that people like Matthew Clendennen don’t have anymore.  Ralph Strother,  thank goodness the “Venerable Judge” according to the Trib,  is 76 and has to go to the house, leaving Justice a vacancy to be filled by hopefully someone with legal knowledge and the fortitude to rule like a Judge instead of another arm of the DA’s office/Abel Reyna.

There is another message here,  a warning.

Abel Reyna,  after tonight’s biggest loss in history,  will destroy and erase whatever he feels like erasing or hiding in the next few months until Barry Johnson steps in.  This is not acceptable.

We suggest a pretty story for the Reyna family.  We hope they like it and accept it as it’s about the only way out because we will not stop.

Abel should go to rehab and quietly ask the Governor to appoint Barry Johnson NOW.

NOW.  Not January.  This county and thousands of people need some relief.  Relief in the form of a new leader who can walk in before evidence is gone.  Disgruntled employees,  frightened, vindictive, or covering their own mistakes will be hitting the “DELETE” button on files.  Taking with them evidence and information that could be lost forever.

The Judges let this happen.  Not a pair of huevos in the entire Judicial system here.  Abel couldn’t have had better co-conspirators if he’d paid them.  Everyone just fell into place and did whatever Abel’s bidding was as shown yesterday by the old man Judge’s ruling that Abel’s office did not violate Speedy Trial.

Clint Broden used an OPINION written by Abel’s own father showing clearly that this case violated Speedy Trial and all manner of conscience.  Conscience.  Something these old Judges, burned out and mean as hell don’t have,  neither does Abel.  Common sense?  None there either.

This travesty has caused people of this county who have never read a law in their lives to become familiar with words like,  “Speedy Trial”,  “conspiracy”,  and a law that the bikers were indicted under,  the law of parties,  which MOST STATES DON’T EVEN HAVE because they’ve realized it’s wrong.  WRONG.

Goodbye Abel Reyna,  from the mothers and fathers,  sisters, brothers, friends, and citizens who have watched this secret operation we call justice for years now.

Go away.  Go away now.  Take whatever pride you have left that is rooted in reality instead of alcohol fueled ego and give this county some relief.

IT’s the last piece of admiration you have left.

Let us go.

Let us go.

Find someone who is a real friend and tells you the real truth,  you’re a drowning man and you have no lifeguards to save you.

The citizens of this county will take it back tonight.

Look out.

Hey,  Judge Johnson,  when are you up next?  Judge Vik,  you certainly are a rubber stamp too,  another mindless Judge just doing what the prosecution wants or agrees to without a thought of your own.

Somewhere tonight young men with fortitude will feel the thumb of “the powers that be” come off and will find the ambition and strength to come after you with the organized and powerful group this injustice has created.

YOU at the courthouse better wake up,  read up, or get out.  Better yet,  take your retirement pensions and go build bird houses in your garage.

Clean house.  Clean the entire courthouse OUT.

We’re here and we are not going away.  I hope tonight all of you get the message loud and clear,

This shit is over.  Now.

Grow a pair,  get right,  read a law book or get the hell out because we’re coming for you.



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