We demand it NOW

The State of Texas Transparency Act.  What is that?  Yep,  something we haven’t even heard of in this county.  If we had it there would be a star at the bottom of the McLennan County page.  The star would tell readers that this county was open to scrutiny and that the Open Records Act would be honored.  Something it certainly is not here.

It would mean that if you wanted to know the evidence against you it would be available.  So would all records at the Courthouse.

Instead of insulting and buying time by asking KEN PAXTON our AG for an OPINION on a Request,  which is well loved as a delaying tactic by EVERYONE in the Courthouse that has power,  the Open Records Act would be honored.

The Transparency Act insures that small counties would not be able to build tyrants like we have to conduct their business in the dark.

Bexar County has it.  Dallas County has it.  Harris County has it.

We don’t.  Hell,  we’ve never heard of it.

We have a new day and a new DA who lived in Dallas for a while and I am sure is familiar with this act.  We also feel that Johnson is above board and will raise the Bar for the entire county.

We ask that Barry Johnson represent us in demanding the County enact the Transparency Act and get us that star on the bottom of our Secret Sam McLennan County page.  We demand that citizen bloggers and journalists alike have the RIGHT to obtain and see records that the elite group of politicians at the Courthouse are probably scared to death of,  perhaps they just don’t realize there is one.

Asking for an AG’s Opinion is just a “cute” way Sheriff,  Judges, and others delay, delay, delay, the truth.

We’re coming for you,  we want access to your records that we have a right to have without the legal tap dance we get now.

Change or get out.


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[PDF]Transparency Policy – Dallas County

into the attached “Deltas County Policy on Transparency“; and. WHEREAS, this policy, which includes such requirements as the video~recording and the posting of Commissioners Court meetings on the internet, disciosing potential conflicts of interest, and the registering of lobbyists, is consistent with theCounty’s strategic ..

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