The dog and pony show continues


Yeah,  Yeah,  you can read the KWTX story where Judge Shaver finally chewed Abelino’s ass out for violating the gag order.   One very hollow victory,  too little too late.  This Hearing had a few Motions brought by the brilliant Clint Broden,   the main one was the Motion to Dismiss for Speedy Trial.  Broden cited Case Law and Opinion written by none other than “Justice Reyna”,   Abel’s dad.  Abel was able to sit there and listen to Broden cite what amounted to was more than enough for any reasonable Judge to throw out Clendennen’s case.  They have violated the Speedy Trial act on multiple occasions with legal maneuvering and wrangling,  the entire county sees that.  Everyone it seems except Judge Shaver who reminds me of a goldfish out of its aquarium gasping for breath,  Shaver managed to look interested enough for a pretty good while and for a nano second one got a glimmer of hope that the Judge would dismiss this insane travesty but I suppose the “look” I saw on the old Judge’s face wasn’t the right decision,  it was just gas.

After Shaver overruled the Motion,  Abel jumped up like he had somewhere he had to be and was way too busy for this bullsh#t but he didn’t get very far.  When they asked if Reyna could leave,  Broden addressed the issue of the gag order and the repeated use of poor Matthew Clendennen’s face on not only Reyna’s tv ad,  but also his FACEBOOK page.  When Broden mentioned the FACEBOOK page,  Abel turned to his lawyer, and quizzically pretended not to know it was on there.


The Judge didn’t think this was cute and said,  “I saw your FACEBOOK page this morning”,  then he launched into chastisement of Reyna and told him if he could sanction him he would adding he’d put him in jail if he could.

Wow.  Lip service.

Since we have newbies yet again who are our Special Prosecutors they, naturally, got a delay to “review and write a brief” on the other motions.

Seems no one is prepared and “Tinker Bell”  the tiny new Special Prosecutor got that Motion put off until “later in the week”,  in other words after the election.

Has anyone EVER been so transparently sneaky as our DA?  Oh, hell no.  Everyone sees through the Emperor’s New Clothes except for Reyna himself who seems to believe his own BS which makes this writer believe that anything can happen as far as Reyna tomorrow night when Barry Johnson beats him by 8:00.

Matthew Clendenne got on the stand and testified about what waiting for his trial all this time had cost him.  It cost him one hell of a lot that he will never get back.  No one will bother erasing his name from “google”,  nope that’s forever,  he testified that his kids friends parents wouldn’t let them come over and other true travesties of Justice in his case.

Did Judge Shaver care?  Nope.  Case law on Speedy Trial is crystal clear but that doesn’t stop this Judge,  or the others from making a decent,   brave,  and extremely clear ruling.

Has Reyna’s office violated Speedy Trial?  You bet they have time and time again.

It ends tomorrow when the citizens of this county who have been bullied by blackmail justice vote this condescending man OUT of office.

The worst part is watching Reyna and knowing that he believes his own bull.  Obviously,  no one around him has the huevos to tell him the truth about this case,  other cases, or how bad he looks not letting people like Greg Davis testify.  We are all stupid,  right?  Let’s see how stupid we all are tomorrow.  NOT.

Let this message tomorrow night not only be for Abel Reyna,  but also for these extremely terrible Judges who just need to go home and hook back up to their breathing machines.

Time to turn this courthouse over to younger people.  We hope that young lawyers bravely run for public office and replace these old,  antiquated, and just plain terrible Judges who seem to rule on the Law by whether or not their breakfast was good.

Reyna also shook his head “no” a few times,  teared up, and pretended to be “hurt” that his integrity was questioned.  Get real here.  Butt hurt looks the same and that’s what Shaver did to Reyna today,  just a small case of it when the law should have prevailed and Clendennen should have walked out free.

We hope that when Johnson wins,  Abel will resign and let Greg Abbott appoint someone for the remainder of Abel’s turn,  better yet,  let Barry Johnson walk in before Reyna destroys files and evidence in HIS own self defense.

Harry sees you so does everyone else.



Acted like he didn’t even know Matt Clendennen’s face was on his FACEBOOK page.  Right?  One bad performance all the way around and no one’s buying it.

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