What are you giving up for Lent?

Harry’s going to need some counselling,  what the hell is going on in this town?  Don’t the menfolk here know that “DIY”,  means “DO IT YOURSELF”,  and we’re not talking about home repairs either.  Now it’s the Communications Director from the local Antioch Baptist Church,  seems he did more than “communicate” with a girl at the local Rub and Tug Massage Parlor which got popped,  closed down,  only to open up AGAIN and have another raid.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result,  This,  rubbing and tugging is insanity.  Seems we have an addiction problem here.  Our menfolk are addicted to the attention and sexual manipulation of a young,  in some cases,  underage girls.

This shit don’t play here, boys,  er,  MEN,  grow the hell up,  it ain’t high school anymore.   Looks like more money for lawyers and bail bondsmen to me.  Oh, ad in some divorce lawyers while we’re at it,  hell some of them won’t even have to advertise on the tv anymore thanks to the efforts of our Sheriff’s department.

The Sheriff’s department,  who have “seen it all”,  even describe the conditions at the massage parlor as “unsanitary”,  as we said before,  the sheets had more “DNA than the entire city of Beaumont”,  no there were no washers and dryers and the human sexual matter on the sheets was deplorable.

Another dumbshit who won’t be able to get a job again,  Edward Espinosa

Edward Espinosa (Source: McLennan County Jail)Edward Espinosa (Source: McLennan County Jail)
UnBound, the anti-human trafficking ministry of Antioch, was involved in the sting of the illicit massage parlors where this crime occurred, providing assistance to the victims involved.
The women at the massage parlor were/are SEX SLAVES and no,  they’re not “enjoying it”,  they’re certainly not cleaning up after it either.
I no do laundry,  just happy endings
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