From Johnson to Jones with no in between Johnston

Sick of hearing about her?  You don’t think she has gotten preferential treatment?  Is our jail update system having a shutdown?  YOU DECIDE.

Since she has NO PROBATION,  she has no probation officer to make sure she does what she’s supposed to do,  urine tests etc.  Nope.  No probation.  

Three DWI’s,  unlawfully carrying a weapon (GUN),  failure to identify (wouldn’t tell them who she really was)/

THEY DROPPED THE GUN CHARGE.  SHE DRIVES DRUNK WITH A GUN BUT THAT’S OKAY.  THREE DWI’S.  TURNED INTO ONE,  turned into 180 days in jail,  turned into just weekends,  now,  no show on week,  what?  Four?  

If you can’t do the time,  don’t do the crime,  remember that?  Not here.  See,  she’s had sex with so many of the “right” people,  and she uses this against them.  Grown men,  supposed heroes flat out LIE for her.

Better yet,  ask our Sheriff,  he’s in charge of the jail.

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                                                               May 10, 2017

Hey, Sheriff,  she’s never been CHARGED,  right?  Yep,  all that $$ and manpower to search her house but no charges.  Naw,  she ain’t special.  By the way,  where the hell is she?  Jail inmate list????


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Don’t like the powdered eggs?

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