If you have had at least two DWI’s,  oh, hell,  let’s make that into one DWI,  they get reduced here faster than a WalMart Fat Ass in boot camp,  seems Abel has that “melding” power where three equals one,  two equals one,  a dead girl in a heroin addict’s hot tub,  with the right lawyer,  BAM! New Drug Treatment Program.

Seems Kim Falcone doesn’t mind it that an employee of Might Mouse’s actually quit over the inequity of her DWI.  Nope.  Someone had to find another job because they complained about her “favorite Dr.’s wife” treatment,  oh,  and campaign donor.

“There’s only one correct choice”

What about the poor cop who stopped Mrs. Falcone?  He got to talk to some drunk woman,  only to have the DA take her DWI and dismiss it.   Then an Assistant DA was ordered to dismiss it and QUIT.  YEP.  QUIT.

While Kim doesn’t have to work,  marrying a famous Waco doctor years ago,  others do,  probably having some scruples didn’t make the life of the assistant DA any better,  now ridiculed and criticized and called “Crazy” by the crooked DA who dismissed the DWI.  This was Kim Falcone’s SECOND,  for all her little girlfriends,  get your facts straight.  SECOND,  not the first.

Kim Falcone describes herself on FACEBOOK,  as “Spoiled Housewife”.


Kim Falcone
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Voting for the man who dismissed her second DWI.  Guess she thinks we forgot.

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