Big ego,  surrounded by ass kissers, Abel Reyna runs from questions

Forrest Gump Running GIF

Run while you can,  those Civil Suits still loom over your dumbass.


All the GIF’s,  MEME’s and cartoons in the world can’t make a bigger fool of Abel Reyna than this latest move,  only to be surpassed by moves in the future as the rope tightens around his neck for the idiot decision he made that fateful day in 2015 at a CLUSTERFU*K we just call,  simply,  “Twin Peaks”.

LAW ENFORCEMENT just let him waltz right in and take over.  Of course,  since they can’t get along with one another anyway,  this may have been a good move,  except it wasn’t.  Everyone here HATES our law enforcement.  If you’ve ever had to deal with them, you know face to face what assholes they are.  They let heroin trafficking go on and on right at a park on the eastside and just don’t care enough to bust them.  Nope.  YEARS and YEARS this goes on.  Their best plan was to park an empty police vehicle nearby,  what a joke.

We hate the PD but love our poor Firemen who are led by yet another bunch of “Yes men” and total idiots covered by the invisible mantle of safety called “City of Waco”,  another  group dedicated to hiding the truth and elevating the fuck ups to greater authority while five houses burn this month by arson.  duhhh.  The arsonist is back and everyone knows it.  Hello?  How many good firemen are put in danger because of cover ups and b.s.?  Guess we’ll find out because we have an ARSONIST, folks, he left but now he’s back.

To sum it up,  Abel Reyna is just a crook,  he could prove he wasn’t on cocaine by one hair sample.  THIS idea has eluded him while he shaves his head.

Sheriff McNamara,  well,  anything he gets involved with seems to be extremely sexual and salacious,  the recent Beth Bramlett revelation involved a press conference with a lot of talking but NO DNA.  We even have Sheriff saying that two women “looked alike”,  where have we heard that one before?  Channel 10 said you had DNA,  guess a sexy wild story is just better?  Oh, by the way how long does it take your men to identify all those guys who are waiting to be “fingered” from the rub and tug?

Are you just waiting for the election to be over for your men to SUDDENLY figure out who they all are?????  

Or will you just hope everyone forgets about it?  After all,  you threw your own cousin in the grease and fired him to show us how fair you are.  Where’s everbody else?  You started this, finish it.

Waco PD.  The underage rub and tugger at the sex massage parlor ran out and told a WACO POLICE OFFICER she was an underage rub and tugger prostitute and that the old woman was holding her hostage.  The officer did………………………………..nothing.  Then,  she called DPS…………………………………nothing.  So, she called ICE.  That worked.

Why didn’t you hear the truth and back story to the raid at the massage parlor?  Because we don’t have “FAKE NEWS”,  nope,  we have “pick and chose news”,  not until Abel practically pissed on the shoes of an editor and fat counting the days till retirement reporter did we even have a real STORY.

Yep,  Abel barfed out his “fake news” and “Daddy told me this paper was a rag”,  bullshit remarks at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame meet and greet.  THEN the paper got butt hurt and decided to go on the offensive.


20 years from now we’ll be watching a documentary called,  “WACO: TWIN PEAKS”,  as with the “Waco” documentary now about the Davidians,  the truth will be buried.  BURIED by our local officials so that they’ll “look good”.

The Emperors New Clothes,  Waco style goes on.

Below is a GIF.  Harry didn’t make it,  wishes he had,  it’s funny as hell and Abel deserves it.  Enjoy it,  it’s more fun than having to deal with any of them.

THIS isn’t real,  don’t go ape shit







  1. Hay B, I was just thinking the other day about a hair sample, I must have had too much worry begone, I did not think that Reynus shaves his head……..

    1. It’s the easiest way to answer, “What the hell are YOU on”, hehe. Worry is just where we’re at these days, money is scarce everywhere, ONE health crisis everything’s gone. Can’t wait until election night to see Fable go nuts.

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