17 kids shot in Florida,  do I have time to be nice to you?  No.

McLennan County DA’s Office ruining lives by the thousands under the heading of God, Country, and love of family.  

Let’s go buy some heroin.  Come on,  you and me,  just drive down to East Waco and go to the park.  Sit there in your car and the menu will just walk right on over to you.  Let’s go to a convenience store and see the kids waiting in cars for their daddies and mommies to come out after spending their money on 8 liners.  Citizens are reading the newspaper and figuring out we have an arsonist,  he’s back and Castle Heights will be hearing fire trucks again.  Putting our fire fighters in danger because the idiots at the top,  are covering up more shit than a cat.

If you are unlucky enough to have to call the cops here,  good luck on that one.  See, they want to talk to young good looking chicks,  not old people, not men, and they really don’t want to get involved in legal matters or make a report.  They want to talk the cop talk but in reality everyone here just fuc*ing hates the PD,  get real.  The good ones get jaded out because they see their cases get thrown out by a Disabled DA’s office for the who’s who of this ant hill and even the best go to hell fairly soon I am sure.

The next time you have to call the cops,  ask if they are filming.  They’re not.  Ask if they are taping.  They’re not.  Ask if they are taking a report.  They’re not.

Then tell them to hold on while YOU turn on your phone and tape them.  They run.

TWIN PEAKS,  no cop had his camera on.  THAT is what was testified to in Court.

TWIN PEAKS no biker managed to capture a thing on their cell phones.  Testified to in COURT.

Do you believe any of that?  Hell no.

Why are our kids taking AR’s to school and just killing everyone?  Because all they see is a ruined world run by hypocrites.


You have bikers calling out Abel Reyna.  Bikers.  Not the community.  Not the Republican party elders.  Not the preacher.  Not daddy.  Bikers.  The people we are supposed to be afraid of are helping this county rid itself of a problem it was just really damned happy to have for a long time.

“The Emperor’s New Clothes”

Abel Reyna at Meet the Candidates, talking God, Country, Family.  Really?  Let’s talk the thousands of lives ruined by the b.s. bullying, threatening, holier than thou attitude that just stinks.

If you have had a loved one, or yourself in a position where they have authority over you,  you will not be voting for Abel this year,  IF you can vote.  The prosecutors become robots,  “FIVE YEARS TO DO”,   “FIVE YEARS TO DO”,  scaring people into prisons for what?

Let us stop for a moment and remember Mr. Sirbasqu who got a drug treatment program for heroin and had a dead girl in a hot tub,  BUT Rod Goble as his attorney and, once again,  special treatment.

What’s killing this place, our kids, and everything else is the God speakers who are so transparent in their own personal lives,  the rest of us just can’t believe it.

Abel Reyna is going to lose this race and lose big.  He knows it.  His staff knows it and I am sure they are trying their best to get the hell out of here with no success.  We suggest that Mr. Jarrett try getting a favor job from his buddy Bradley in Palau.  See,  people know bullshit when they see it.

The message to your kids is they’re no good.  These prosecutors must be right, they’re Baylor lawyers,  right?  So your troubled kids get the “Five years in prison” act from the DA’s office while the Sirbasqu’s  of this world get treatment in a drug program the DA’s office implemented,  well, FOR SIRBASQU.  Lucky thing.

Abel Reyna is toast.  Let this be hope for the ambitious women and men of this county to start seriously thinking that indeed these old farts can be beaten and should be.

The Judges let this happen,  they sign off on it all and pretend to be just the arms of the prosecutors.  No more.

Judge Strother was called “venerable” three times in a Tribune Herald editorial.  Are you kidding?  How much has each and every bullshit Hearing and recusal cost the county?  Where is our County Judge?  How about Matt Johnson, better yet,  next election we can unseat a Sheriff?

Did the Democrats in this County forget the term “cannon fodder”???  Finding someone to run for EVERY office to keep the process fair?   Not here.  Nope.

Electing Barry Johnson will go a long way to raise the Bar,  the entire BAR in this city who either are part of some real b.s. or let it go on,  year after year.

Abel Reyna’s recent “God, country, and family” statement I am sure has inflamed an entire county.

WHY does the world love to watch WACO stuff?  Because of the hypocrisy.  

The hypocrisy is seen by our kids and it is another factor in the chipping away of hope and anger in our young.

Vote.  Send a message.  Beg a biker not to leave when this is done we couldn’tve done it without them.

Love me some Butch Moss and Biker Radio,  these men know how to organize people,  maybe they’ll give lessons to the Democrats here?


Mel Robins and Michael Ballard. with Butch Moss.

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  1. Covering up more shit than a cat ! I need to use that with your permission it’s classic.. Your right a debt of gratitude is owed to the bikers and they can show their appreciation at the polls.. Vote Barry Johnson ! Vote George Horsley ! Vote Mel Priest !

  2. My blog is not “serious”, you fool, it’s dark humor, since you have NONE, look it up. You have no ability to laugh at yourself. I have NEVER pretended to be perfect, however, I never cheated on my husband, and I don’t drive drunk. Drugs?

    I have been known to smoke a joint. OOOOOooh, illegal drugs. I don’t pretend to be the “perfect” mother, obviously, I’m not and take full responsibility for the “problems” my son has……to a point. He’s thirty five you fool, he’s grown. I never threatened to sue you, I never extorted money from you, guess you’re drunk thinking this shit. I hate you, have for twenty years, you’ve partied on me for 19 of them and now, little girl, kharma’s a bitch. I have NEVER driven drunk, I don’t drink. If I did I, at least, could do the time. You’re just getting old and losing your looks and can’t find men who fall all over themselves over you anymore. You FUCKED WITH MY KID, so fuck you, it’s on.

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