Your Sheriff, DA and Judges are corrupt,  they cannot do what they do, giving special treatment to cases, girlfriends and blackmailers without the approval of one another.  

Where do you go when there is no place to go?

Who do you tell when there’s no one to tell?

You send an anonymous package to a non existent character in the desperate hope that this guy,  will have the balls to print it.  Well, he does.   Here it is,  Anonymous 2018.  Take a look at real life.  REAL EVIDENCE.  This is not FAKE.  For those of you who don’t know what a Notary stamp is,  before you write me some ignorant drunken shit, look it up on google.

Here it is,  you decide,  click on the link below



anonymous 2018


Anonymous Letter You Decide GIF


What a bunch of phonies.






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