FINALLY the bullshit hit the fan all over the world,  did you think it wouldn’t?


“Yes, Carolanne,  they’ve heard about you,  too!”

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“Waco”, please don’t call it “Waco”, again.

This thing gone on so long NOW it’s hit the AP, UPI, and there’s no putting the Genie back in the bottle now.  We look lie a town full of religious zealots, hypocrites, perverts, plus misfits, minus Chip and Joanna, thank goodness for something.

Seems our officials have tacitly approved one another’s bullshit for so long playing the “Emperor’s New Clothes” with one another thinking it’s cute are finding out that people in New York City think we’re hicks and fools without Justice who think we’re better than you, and we now have another generation to eat documentaries about the stupid shit that happened over the bikers at TWIN PEAKS and a drugged up DA that people just let go on and on and on.

Damn,  can’t Michael Jarrett get a gawddamned job somewhere else?  Does having to do the bullshit of a person you don’t respect EVER just get damned well old?

Sure does Reyna is getting his right now.

The day Judge Matt Johnson let the evidence in from a witness saying that a man had a “dirty Harry gun”  of huge caliber,  with me and the jurors thinking that man was JAKE CARRIZAL and the next day finding out it wasn’t and they never found such a gun.

That day Harry Storm decided “Take No Prisoners”.

Can’t feel sorry Abel has a tear in his eye or just a bad eyeball headache,  it’s all bullshit.  Has been and no one has stepped up to tell him or one another to stop it.

Employees of our public officials are forced to have to serve them without respecting them.  That is a fact.  In the next few days,  Harry Storm will be weaving you a new story and paperwork to back that up.

You called us all Fake News,  you had your clerks be mean to the Citizen Bloggers,  you hid facts from Public Information Requests,  you are all connected,  you need to be replaced.  You let your buddy get way out of control by doing nothing.

Welcome to the internet where employees can send things anonymously when there is no place left to go.

No prisoners.




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