Finally,  somebody’s pissed off

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 After destroying the lives of hundreds, Abel, with the wisdom of Solomon himself throws out 22 cases  today,  what is different now than two years ago? 

Watching the downward spiral of what once was a great hope in this community,  DA Abel Reyna, has not been pleasant.  Like the “Emperor’s New Clothes”,  Abel has been pretty much transparently ambitious and evil.  Sure they all are,  yeah, yeah, but most don’t go to the dramatic jump for power like Abel did in TWIN PEAKS.

He has destroyed the lives of thousands by those actions,  financially,  socially, and forever.

Of course,  “THEY” of whomever “THEY” were and are that day at TWIN PEAKS set this up and now are silent,  pretending to hold the truth to save us from ourselves.  Abel jumped out there in a burst of ambitious glory and now,  the extras in his movie of life are showing him a thing or two, with no help whatsoever from the legal community and no help from the Judges at the Courthouse who have had their hands on this case and others orchestrated by the downright crooks at the DA’s office too stupid or morally bankrupt to stop him.

If you watched Jake Carrizal’s trial expecting some smelly, nasty guy with a long record who was jobless,  you pretty much figured out that Jake drove a choo choo train, had to be drug tested constantly,  had no record, and was impeccable in dress and manner.

Like a pack of dogs,  the prosecutors had a big time making Jake and his family miserable and it was a daily bullying in and out of the courtroom to the point one either snapped or went home and watched the live feed.  Unpleasant?  Oh, baby.  No water fountains,  scary deputies and PD,  a huge police presence, 54th. District Court, freezing and frightening.

What’s different today than when our DA grabbed these people up?  Nothing.

We’ve gone THIS far and finally we have “anonymous sources” bailing out on this doomed man.

Don’t you just pray there is KHARMA?

Hope it hurts.





WACO, Texas (KWTX) Prosecutors will seek to dismiss charges against more than 20 bikers arrested after the deadly May 2015 shootout at Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant, sources with knowledge of the situation said Wednesday.

The sources, who requested anonymity, said the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office will ask a state district judge to dismiss charges against 13 bikers indicted for engaging in organized crime and will drop charge against eight others who weren’t indicted.

The sources identified the 13 indicted bikers as Andrew Stroer, 52, of San Antonio; Marco DeJong, 40, of Marion; William Redding, 37, of Austin; Jorge Salinas, 27, of Lometa; Michael Moore, 44, of Fort Worth; Colter Bajovich, 30, of Gatesville; Boyce Rockett, 30, of Robinson; Clifford Pearce of Waco; Narcisco Luna, 57, of New Braunfels; Jose Valle, 45, of San Antonio;. Diego Obledo, 43, of San Antonio; Mario Gonzalez, 39, of San Antonio, and James Rosas, 50, of Selma.

The eight unindicted bikers include Esther Weaver, 49, of Killeen; Ryan Craft, 25, of Austin;. Jonathan Lopez, 30, of Austin; Theron Rhoten, 38, of Austin; James Harris of Austin; Bonar Crump of Austin; Juan Garcia, 47, of Austin, and Drew King, 34, of Dripping Springs, the sources said.

Additionally, the sources say McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna will file a motion seeking to be recused from prosecution of the case of Twin Peaks defendant Billy McCree, 41, of Seagoville, in whose trial he may be willing to testify.


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