Is there just an asshole factory somewhere?

Judge Billie Ray Stubblefield,  from Bosque County,  who sounds all cuddly and “good ole boy”,  seems to have a very short list of visiting Judges and the HEADING he picks them from must say,  “REAL ASSHOLES”,  however,  we suspect that the wives of these obvious mean ole fa*rts are paying him kickbacks to get them out of the house.  Can you imagine living with Judge Phillip Vick?  Hey,  let’s just cut to living with Ralph Strother as your old man.  The only people happy when they go to the courthouse are their wives.

Once again,  visiting crooked Judge Philip Vick from Denton County has come to Waco and declared Judge Ralph Strother,  “fair and impartial”,  why, you might ask,  because according to Judge Vick,  Strother knows when he is and isn’t fair.  In other words,  if Judge Strother couldn’t be fair he’d recuse himself as he did once before.

God help us all.

It has seemed time after time that Abel Reyna is the “puppetmaster”,  every Judge seems to be a rubber stamp for the Prosecution,  this time,  we don’t know.  For sure,  the same old Judges over and over again make me suspicious.  I keep waiting for Judge New Blood with some sense to come in and save us from the recycling and hopes we have for the “next Hearing”,  then the “next”.  Sure,  Reyna got Jarrett,  who obviously cannot find a job anywhere but here,  to get rid of Strother in yet another Motion to Recuse, but will Reyna find a way to appease Strother by then?  Hell,  I don’t know.



Today’s headline from the Waco Trib is below.



Judge Vick sticks it to the people of Waco again …..

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