” I could be wrong,  I surely hope so”       Harry

Did ole Judge Vick just pull a surprise move and really was watching this bullshit from his safety in Denton?  Oh, I am praying I am wrong and this move is opening the door to the biggest move of the year,  retribution,   Strother style.

Maybe Courthouse elected Officials don’t have transmitters implanted in their brains to do Abel Reyna’s will,  and indeed do know when it’s time to get downright angry.

I’m just not feeling too silky towards this anticipated move, however, as Strother hasn’t done a damned thing right so far and if it took Jarrett and Reyna literally pissing on his robe to get him to FINALLY allow the truth to come out,  I’ll take it.  Thank God for ego and betrayal,  I guess we’re down to that.

Let us stop and collectively shiver and hope to hell his anger is boiling over the biggest betrayal since Fredo threw Al Pacino in the dirt on Goodfather 1.  The STATE asked for Ralph to be recused and maybe,  ole Judge Vick knew something I,  certainly don’t,  Strother’s had enough, Julissa, Greg Davis, Scaramucci and Kingrey will testify at last.

Just the thought of Jarrett having to face down an angry Judge Ralph Strother does something for me.

Will Judge Ralph Strother let the truth come out in one bold sweep?

I just don’t know.  I can’t even figure out yet why Tuesday’s Hearing was on Monday.




Will we see Judge Strother in a different light after February 8th.?

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