35 Year old mystery solved

THIS is the Sheriff Mc we wanted to see.   In a bold move,  Sheriff Parnell McNamara has formed a “COLD CASE SQUAD” and solved the shooting death of Beth Bramlett, a case that has absolutely haunted this county and broken the hearts of many in Axtell, Texas.  Sheriff McNamara weaves a story of death and terror by the killer, Talmadge Wayne Wood, who died in 2014.

The formation of a COLD CASE SQUAD in McLennan County is a move by the Sheriff’s Department goes a long way to raising the trust and faith of the citizens of this county in their elected officials.

Sheriff McNamara standing there with his men,  talking about this case and taking questions is what we want and need to see in our Public Officials.  The Deputies talking about the case is reassuring and a beautiful sight on the tele.

Perhaps Abel Reyna can take a lesson from our Sheriff and answer real questions in real time from reporters and the public.

Hats off to Sheriff McNamara,  the Deputies,  and our new COLD CASE SQUAD.




(Source: KXXV)


He’s back,  THIS is the Sheriff we elected,  you can’t watch him talk without feeling that pride we have in this man and this office.


Image result for Sheriff parnell mcnamara

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