Paula Carroll Swann decided to believe one more time and sent a Congressional Review to her Congressman,  Lamar Smith.  We now have a reply from Congressman Smith and I hope you will join me in writing a “thank you” on his page.  After that,  have faith my friends,  total,  you can forget all about it,  Paula’s got this.  Paula’s going to get the Honorable Kyle Beidermann who’s on the right committee as a State Rep,  to help.

The Media is very slow covering this,  we are forgotten under Trump Tweets, North Koreans coming to barbecue our house cats,  missing children, and volcanoes.  We are a Citizen’s Revolution,  we have no help,   She didn’t know if she’d get anything back but she didn’t give up.  She didn’t win the war but she damn sure got a Congressman’s office’s ear.

Shhhh….shut your eyes,  lean back, imagine a young Congressional aide in Washington reading about TWIN PEAKS for the first time through the eyes of one Paula Carroll Swann.  I so wonder when his first “Oh, shit” moment was,  and sometimes that is enough.

Paula, Paula, Paula,  you made my day!






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  1. Paula Carroll Swann,
    She’s a great big monster that I have had the pleasure of meeting!
    I’m going to file this also as I told her that I would, and I’m even going to do what we call in COC& I meetings a call to action!
    A “Call To Action” is where you ask everyone to file this Congressional Review, and flood there desk in Washington DC!!!
    This what happened in Waco, is a total Injustice!
    I got one more thing to say, and I’ve told Paula about this, “As long as we have elected District Attorney, and Judges”, within our JUSTICE SYSTEM we’ll always have corruption!
    I personally feel that District Attorney’s, and Judges should be appointed by the Governor of Texas!

    P.S. Paula, let them know that your bite hurts more than your bark girl……

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