“It all starts with a fall”,  ask any old person,  you fall,  break your leg,  break a hip,  might as well “Go Green” casket shopping on Ebay.  Your aunt,  your mom,  your nasty uncle,  once they fall,  it’s over.  Today Harry got up all fit and read the abelreyna.com site that appeared in his email.  It starts out innocent enough then there’s a recap of all manner of shi*t we already know followed by.  Are you ready?  I wasn’t.  Abel Reyna break dancing.

Okay,  I’m being high school but Abel Reyna break dancing just did that for me and I fell into the mind of a 14 year old giggling and huddled in a corner with a flashlight under my chin making little spider doodles with my fingers.

Read it with someone you love,  see it sitting down.


You can’t make this shit up.

Harry in room #45 DePaul Center.


Still mad?  Me too.


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