If you think it took the DA’s office too long to try the first biker,  Jake Carrizal,  take a look at one little woman who has DWI’s,  illegally carrying a firearm,  and burglary of the Sheriff’s shed.  So what’s happened to our little Sherre Johnston?  Nothing.  She bragged Abel Reyna was her best friend and nothing would happen to her,  and,  sure enough, if you “put out” to the right folks,  you will NEVER EVEN hit the docket.  Her DWI’s from Williamson County were moved to Waco also only to be forgotten.  Corruption is so brazen here our own Sheriff moved his brother from one place to another then got girlfriend Sherre to call 911 in the absolute worst fake call we’ve ever seen.  Time to get rid of the hypocrites who pretend to be ever so holy yet are not.  Sheriff,  you have some explaining to do.  Abel?  Tell your little drinking buddy girlfriends not to tell the cops you’re their buddy and have it show up on MORE offense reports.


Could the Sheriff’s wife have figured out that little Sherre and Parnell have a “longtime thing” too?

Could her lover virtually dying on her at the motel have tipped poor Ms. Johnston over?

Will the truth come out about who she called first when Mike McNamara died?    It was Parnell,  the brother/sheriff.             How did a dead body move down Franklin and wind up near a Walmart and Outback Steakhouse?

Why did Sherre Johnston go to the hospital where Mike McNamara’s body was taken?

Did you know Sheriff McNamara had to MOVE the coffin at his brother’s service because Sherre Johnston made such a scene?

The Waco Tribune reported a while back that John Johnston,  our Assistant Fire Chief until recently,  had resigned from that position,  “citing family concerns”.  Right?

They served a search warrant on her house and found shirts and other things from the Mac brothers.  We think they gave them to her as love tokens over the years.

What’s this got to do with the Lake Murder?

Sherre Johnston was Vic Feazell’s secretary for twelve years,  the same twelve years that Truman Simons worked for him.  Some might think this is an insult to Judy Simons, but obviously,  Vic Feazell,  the Baptist preacher and hero didn’t think so.

We can trace her long time love affair with Truman Simons back to at least 2002 when he lied about the affair in a deposition (See Truman Simons lies in Deposition on this site with the Exhibit:  Deposition Sworn).

So she’s had an affair with Simons for at least 15 years,  seen all over town,  ridiculing her husband,  the Fire Chief,  who became the ex fire chief due to “family problems”.

Since 2015,  Sherre Johnstson has gotten FIVE DWI’s.  Three in McLennan county,  and two in Williamson County.  This is Felony DWI.

We can’t wait to watch NOTHING HAPPEN TO HER as she knows these old men will take care of her.


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