Who are we supposed to be scared of,   now that you can’t say the “N” word?  Bandidos?  Cossacks?  Mexican Immigrants?  Who are you saving me from that you can’t tell me about for my own good?

“HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?”……………..Dr. Phil McGraw


Police cars guarding a Waco Judge’s house,  cars at Michael Jarrett’s house,  police watching and guarding the illustrious District Attorney Abel Reyna’s house.  Wow,  when you’re a member of this club,  you’re a sacred cow.  The rest of us better gut up and look out for ourselves,  there’s only enough protection to go around.

Abel Reyna and Judge Matt Johnson coolly with a straight face tell us,  the ignorant public,  that two ex law partner buddies are just honest folk and you can get a fair trial.  Anyone who remembers “Durwood and the Dunnams” will remember Daddy Johnson and Bill Dunnam thicker than thieves with rumors abounding for the legal lifetime of Bill Dunnam, at least.  Abel Reyna,  if you’re an old person,  you remember Felipe Reyna,  gong bezerk on camera when Vic Feazell beat him back in 1982 and becoming a “Republican” on tv that very night,  leaving the Democratic party forever.  Feazell, however, was loved by the people and hated by the Establishment of Waco,  they made his life hell but in the end,  whatever he did he got away with,  Reyna is the entitled Prince of the political Reyna family,  he is the Establishment’s baby doll but the general public totally hates him.

Local lawyers,  if you want to call them that have nothing to be proud of either.  Joe Layman at least told Reyna off before he ran and hid,  at the CITY,  another branch of the problem.  City of Waco legal department another vast wasteland of power brokers.  They’re over the cops and we all know Waco cops by now.  If you don’t,  the next time your neighbor beats his wife,  give them a call and see how it goes for you.  They usually make it worse.  Where I live we don’t call them anymore.  They’re fat,  they’re mad, they make it worse so it’s hand to hand out here.  Then people wonder why folks just gun up and have it out.  You can’t trust the cops to do what’s right.  Nope you cannot.  Why should they?  On the other hand,  they get Kim Falcone for DWI,  do the paperwork and have her case dismissed by the DA Buddy,  sure he gets poor Joe Layman to do it for him and Joe gets mad and leaves.  Wow.  Joe gets mad and leaves,  goes to work for the City.

Anything to be proud of there?  Real nads on Layman’s part?  From my calculations Judas Jarrett’s got a burner phone and if the FBI is out there,  they should have closed this party BEFORE Jake Carrizal’s case and ridiculous debauchery at the expense of the county and respect for the citizens of Waco who don’t want this.


ARE YOU NUTS,  10 for acquittal 2 for guilty and Reyna says he’s learned something?  Really?

Mean little loser had to set Carrizal’s trial AGAIN for April.  Got to mess up the holidays for everyone involved just to be a mean and stupid man.  Terrible in court.  A tempest in a teapot.  He’s got his first assistant spying on him for the FBI and he just found out about it.  Well,  that should make for a fun place.

Time to go to rehab,  save your reputation that way,  stay the thirty days and resign.

Note to Waco:  Ex law partners is a conflict of interest.  What does it take here?

Waco Trib,  grow a pair and list the folks in the indictment.  Get someone less jaded out to report at the Courthouse.  Fat boy Witherspoon is a part of this and is “one of the good old boys”,   right there with the rest of them.  Get someone younger who has some curiosity and vigor left.  Someone who can actually ask the brave questions that need to be asked instead of the mamby pamby tspoonfeed version of the sanitized truth.

Reyna’s telling you that he just spent your million dollars on protecting you from Bandidos.  Who is going to protect you from Abel Reyna?  While you work to pay your bail bondsman and silently wonder if your defense lawyer is a crook or not,  remember the rich folks,  Donal Sharp,  now deceased owner of BIG RED,  got a DWI,  it went away.  Ain’t that nice?

NO more biker trials,   FBI put up a kiosk and tell the public they have a place to go and tell what’s happened to them.  Secrecy in Waco is bullshit.  They are protecting themselves and no one else.

No more biker trials.

Waco demands the truth and answers.  No more secrets.  No more biker trials.  New blood,  new people.

No more.

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  1. Nice one Babe, you don’t pull any punches and lay your cards on the table. I hope you have found a broad audience of good people in Waco.

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