Here is the Affidavit of Greg Davis

                                                                  KIM FALCONE  

Good grief,  Kim Falcone was driving drunk in 2013,  got stopped by a cop then got off the DWI charges via some hinky dealings.  Her husband,  wealthy and “Uppercrust” Dr. Falcone gave a contribution to Reyna’s campaign to help make it go away.  Why should a rich Doctor’s wife go to those pesky probation meetings anyway?

Isn’t being Waco Royalty more important than going to classes or,   heaven forbid,  Alcoholics Anonymous as part of a plea deal on your first DWI?  We’re assuming it’s her first.

Would it soil the angel perfect obituary of a woman who has quite a past herself and suddenly wants that Waco Sainthood?  Baptized by secrecy.  It just flat didn’t happen.

Well,  welcome to being one of us now,  Kim Falcone.  Without money,  you’dve been another expendable.  You are outted now,  and more like you.

Gregory Davis’  sworn Affidavit in the upcoming Hearing against Abel Reyna is above,  the paragraph about Kim Falcone is contained there for you to see for yourself.

Kim Falcone got a DWI and it got dismissed via Joe Layman,  now a City Attorney,  and your DA Abel Reyna.  Remember that while you wait to see your kid over at the county jail.

Hell no.



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5 thoughts on “KIM FALCONE: SHAME ON YOU

    1. Try that, the offense report will be juicier but it’s true if it won’t open let me know I hope I fixed it on the site. Please share it so we can change things in this place.

  1. I’m about to jump all over this… isn’t going to be pretty. I have been the only one not scared of her short lipped fat slut, gold digger ass for a long time ….aren’tt they saying”TIMES UP.” well hers is. Want scoop I got it!

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