Before you run for re election all angry because you got a mistrial,  try remembering to prosecute the Assistant Fire Chief’s wife,  the one who brags on Offense Reports that you won’t prosecute her.  What are you and Parnell gonna do about that little problem?  


      The strongest fiber known to man is a pubic hair

There is a lot the people of Waco want to know.  One thing we didn’t really care about knowing was whether or not Abel Reyna was going to run for DA again after having his ass beat by Casie Gotro in last week’s mistrial.  Abel says he’s learned a lot from the jurors and is going to do better in April.  That’s amazing because the jury was 10 to 2 for acquittal AND they have written how sad they are they couldn’t send Jake HOME not guilty on Facebook and other media.


Abel gave Jake Carrizal a new trial in April and announced his candidacy for DA.

Harry has a question for Abel Reyna.  “Why doesn’t Sherre Johnston hit the docket for ANY of the many things she has been charged with, including the burglary of your buddy Parnell McNamara’s shed?”

Sorry to keep griping on the wife of our Assistant Fire Chief but hers is the most obvious and since the charges range from illegally carrying a weapon,  DWI,  and burglary,  we are wondering how Abel could forget to have someone put her on the docket at the very least.  Guess he doesn’t realize the docket is online and lots of people are watching.

Jake Carrizal has never been arrested for DWI.  Jake Carrizal did not burglarize our beloved Sheriff’s shed.  Jake Carrizal did not illegally carry a weapon AND get DWI’s at the same time.  Sherre Johnston did.  She bragged that Abel Reyna was her friend and that nothing would happen to her,  and it turned out to be so.

You prosecute Jake Carrizal and not Sherre Johnston?  She is the assistant Fire Chief’s wife and not prosecuted.  Get real here.  She’s not some shy,  retiring,  little thing in and out of rehab either,  don’t think that one.  She’s a little spitfire who showed up at the Carrizal trial to see what was going on with her longtime boyfriend Truman Simons.

Abel Reyna is so mad he put Jake Carrizal on the docket for trial in April.

Abel Reyna is not putting Sherre Johnston on the docket for anything.  She’s just one.

Vic Feazell asked Abel Reyna to have Greg Feazell indicted on a felony.  Abel did that for him AFTER the Waco PD refused to even take the case from Feazell,  much to his anger.  Truman Simons told Greg Feazell and others that Vic had “Abel in his pocket”,  and was threatened by his dad and his dad’s power with Reyna.  Sherre Johnston worked for Vic Feazell,  Truman Simons also worked there at the law office.  Greg Feazell went to jail for four months.  The prosecutor and his dad wanted him to go to prison for 5 years.  His mom bailed him out and told his court appointed terrible lawyer,  Robert Stem Jr.,  yes,  son of the Judge,    that they wanted trial…………………Abel Reyna’s office dropped the charges.

The FBI has been contacted by at LEAST one person called from an 000-0000 number and asked if they want their “legal problems to go away” and the amount to be paid is $15K.

We have some advice for Abel Reyna and Parnell McNamara,   here it is.  YOU charged Sherre Johnston,  prosecute her.  So she can’t drive and gets Truman to be her chauffeur and if it’s okay with John we should all think so too.  No.

Before you hire Truman Simons to investigate your case you might want to visit a sworn deposition we will also list.




Truman Simons,  a “peaceful man who rides his horse along the banks of the Brazos River”,  when he’s not driving up to our Assistant Fire Chief John Johnston’s house and picking up the prettiest girl in town,  Sherre Johnston,  see she can’t drive,  too many DWI’s but that’s ok,  she has more than one driver.  Jim Parks spoke to them and wrote about them coming to the Courthouse much to Simons’  unhappiness.  Some investigator,  guess he thought they were invisible or he just does whatever she wants him to do these days.

Truman Simons



Sherre Johnston the woman in the middle of a whole lot of badges,  DWI’s,  illegally carrying a weapon,  she thought it was okay because she’s “under the Private Detective license of Truman Simons”,  however that had expired.  Whoops.  Burglarized the Sheriff’s shed and made it to KXTX but only because the Sheriff’s wife ain’t no fool.

Image result for Sherre Johnston ricochet


John Johnston,  obviously in love, confused, overly religious or waiting for the kids to graduate.  Ridiculed for not controlling his wife all over Texas.  Get real here.



Parnell?  Did you move your brother?  Did you have Sherre make that 911 call?  Did she call you first?

sheriff and dude ra6

Aaaah,   Abelino nothing like a soap opera with a legendary Sheriff,  a DA who took on the Bandidos,  a dead DA investigator and former Marshall,  a 911 tape and lots of questions.  Five powerful men and one hot mama running around drunk with a gun?  Think that’s going away?  She came to watch you in court!

This guy is making it all worse.  He has assistant DA’s putting out resumes,  people wanting him to answer some questions,  an FBI investigation,  people coming out and telling what they know,  blogs calling for him to prosecute ONE WOMAN,  and he doesn’t.

All these men and one iddy biddy woman they can’t control?  Whatcha gonna do boys.



Anyone else got a case,  send it to Harry,  we don’t mind reminding our office holders of their commitments to justice for all.




  1. What happened with the female DA that got a DWI driving through Baylor?

    Reyna blocked me on FB for asking.

    1. We were just talking about that yesterday, there are people checking on all of them, hopefully that meeting on the twentieth will bring this and other questions OUT. Thanks for reading.

  2. My goodness gracious, this all reads like a soap opera, As the World Turns, Days Of Our Lives, Dallas maybe, all we need is JR.

  3. A soap opera? Maybe…

    I’ve lived in Waco for 30 years. I was married and both my young daughters were born here. It’s not a bad place to grow up and if you’re able to ignore the pretentious, “Green and Gold”, the majority of the folks in Central Texas are as genuine and pleasant as most inhabitants of the great Lone Star State. The few individuals who’ve either been elected or appointed to uphold, enforce or hand down judgement within our community government are silly, self-important debutants… Im not ignorant to the fact that any, and most likely all political officials are indeed sociopaths.

    When Abel Reyna and his assistants insisted I take the witness stand and tell a made up fairy tale of perverted evil and accuse a man of rape because it was for a good cause… I know Abel Reyna has no conscience and the story’s he creates in his disgusting, twisted mind are truth and ruining lives is his birth right.

    Parnell McNamara is his slack-jawed, buffoonish, meat puppet.

    Not a single unselfish thought between them.

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