Harry’s first,  “Oh, Sh*T” moment came yesterday afternoon.  He’d   say an “OMG” moment but that now means,   ” OUTLAW MOTORCYCLE GANG “.

The best film coverage you can get is CNN about this case.  It shows Jacob Carrizal and it shows him come into the driveway at TWIN PEAKS with his yellow helmet and gloves.  From a very long distance you can see men attack him and a fight,  it’s from a very long distance, however.  Yesterday, testimony from the stand said that a biker with a “big yellow “helmet who appeared to be in charge pulled out a long,  “Dirty Harry”, pistol and fired the first shot that started the brawl.  Gulp.  After that, though,  no one asked the former employee now witness to identify the “man in the yellow” helmet as the Defendant so it’s terribly confusing.

Looks like the memo reading,  “Get ready,  anything can happen today”,  not only got lost for Bandidos and other motorcycle club members,  and a lot of the different law enforcement officers.  Or,  those damned Cossacks just get up too early in the morning and them getting there earlier than expected and taking over the patio just screwed up everything.

So,  the Cossacks,  who are mostly wearing bullet proof vests,  are there with the cops and wait staff ?  Come on,  it seems EVERYONE on both sides have been planning THIS shindig for months.  MONTHS.  With Experts.  Not a fire truck parked anywhere,  no ambulances,  but this is what happened and how it played out.

Lots of patrons going in and out of the restaurants,  like nothing,  motorcycles and noise everywhere, it’s amazing,  I’dve gone to the IHOP just because of the noise but that’s me.

That many policemen didn’t have on their body cams is in this,  just like tv,  and even with all this expensive camera and spy equipment they took absolutely the worst from the back footage you could ask for.

The policemen were doing their jobs above and beyond for sure,  who doesn’t have great feeling for them,  and looks like some of them were incredible shots too,  it’s not that,  it’s the whole thing,  so long planned out by everyone yet went so wrong.

I have no solutions,  however,  perhaps just a couple of thoughts.

Texas law enforcement should stop messing with gunned up people at mealtime.  Just saying that the Davidians were a gunned up bunch and it was breakfast.  These weren’t all young folks either,  a lot of the bikers were overweight and we’d imagine at least a forth of them, diabetic.  After the long ride,  they’re  thinking of a chicken fried steak and trying to get their insulin pencil set right when WHAM!  it starts.  Hell breaks loose,  we’ve all had Uncles like that.  Perhaps the only advice one can give that would have helped for sure is the employment of any gay man who’s done Wedding Photography to place the cameras the next time.  I’ve seen better footage on a nanny cam teddy bear.  Just sayin’,  could always be wrong.


One thought on “HARRY’S FIRST “OH, SH*T” MOMENT

  1. I dont have a dog in this hunt, I don’t know any of them, just my thoughts.

    Yes that one “counter-sniper” eliminated two very imminent executions, good thing they had their rifles up front, which they never do. I don’t believe he was able to see a guy laying on the ground in the middle of a crowd, from 50 yards away with a very minimal scope, pointing a gun at someone.The two shots I saw were incredible.

    This was a trap simple as that, The Bandidos have been doing what they do for a very long time, there’ no way in hell they would roll up to twin peaks with marked units and swat 100 yards away, and have a shootout. The area around twin peeks is closed off, No real way to get on the highway quickly, If they wanted to settle beef, we’d never hear about it. But given the circumstances there was absolutely no other way that the day ended. They knew they had weapons, they they knew there was tension.

    Why is jake even being tried first? How about the ones on actual security recording blindy firing sideways out of the patio. Probably the bullet that struck the cruiser, and i’m sure it was random and he didnt see the cop or was aiming towards them. Or maybe the round that came into the restaurant and struck the wall came from a cop he was unable to see and gave himself some cover fire, naw, nm that is clearly an idiot.

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