“But thus I counsel you, my friends: Mistrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful.  And when they call themselves the good and the just, do not forget that they would be pharisees, if only they had—power.”

–  Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche


This ain’t fair.  There was a hearing set and subpoenas issued for THREE ex assistant District Attorneys who left Reyna’s office under cloudy circumstances but have kept their mouths shut for Thursday.  Instead the brilliant Clint Broden, who has a tiny sly “tell” when someone “falls in it” at Court or he’s figured out something else to get what he wants, has gotten what he wanted,

Broden doesn’t need any glad handing.  He tries to hide the fireworks display his neurons throw out when he completes a task on his computer and disappears to file it.  It’s so boring and Arctic cold in the courtroom Broden’s brainstorms are the only color and warmth in the place.

The Prosecutors have that air of “invincibility” that usually winds up deadly sooner or later.  It comes when you only talk to one another in your own “God’s angry arm of Justice” group where Reyna is their protected leader.  When the words or thoughts of others are totally dismissed because everyone else is nuts.

It all starts off as underground rumors of people getting off charges,  some chick gets drunk and claims she can do what she wants because the prosecutor is her “best friend”, and it makes it to an offense report.  Too much emotion and venom over cases that are misdemeanors and the prosecutors are overly emotional about them,  yet other crimes,  including the burglary of our own Sheriff’s shed never make it to the Docket.  The Docket is online and people are just not as stupid here as our public officials would like to think.  The “for your own good” thing that used to work with the silent type cowboy law enforcement on tv who if he told you he’d have to kill you has been replaced by policemen with body cams and a public wondering why they forgot to turn them on at TWIN PEAKS.

Below is just one site where this has made it to National News,  ABC.

In bold language it’s time for people to stop kissing one another’s ass,  it’s just not healthy.  If you think you’re helping your boss,  Abel,  by being “Satan’s Cheerleaders”,  you’re not.  Abel misjudged and over reacted to another botched military/cop exercise or “Clusterf*ck”.

The “Us” vs. “Them” includes Abel Reyna and the cops too.  We have another Hearing where Reyna says he worked with Policeman Chavez all day and Chavez says it ain’t so.

The cops hate the DA’s, the DA’s hate defense lawyers, cops, and everyone else, the DPS doesn’t share with anyone,  neither does the PD,  and all the others.

Then they have the nerve to say ALL Bandidos are bad.

Two weeks,  bring in the idiot in charge of this thing,  the police,  everyone,  waitresses etc.,  who’s to blame?  Guy in charge.  Bring it!


The Texas district attorney prosecuting bikers allegedly involved in a 2015 shootout with police in Waco asked for his office to be recused from the case of a biker scheduled to stand trial Nov. 6.

The biker, Matthew Clendennen, a landscape lighting business owner from Hewitt, Texas, requested earlier this month that the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office be removed from his case because of an alleged ongoing federal investigation of the district attorney, Abel Reyna.

Clendennen was among the 177 bikers arrested following the May 17, 2015, shooting that left 9 dead and 20 injured.

Clendennen sought removal after successfully petitioning to have the presiding state district court judge, Reyna’s former law partner, removed.

The replacement judge, state district court Judge Doug Shaver, was set to hear testimony Monday including from two assistant district attorneys who work for Reyna and former Waco police officer Sherry Kingrey attesting to the existence of a federal investigation.

A 2013 email from FBI special agent Daniel Brust addressed to Kingrey, FBI agent Fred Rhea and former Waco fire investigator Kevin Fisk that was obtained by The Associated Press refers to the investigation of Reyna, Kingrey said.

In a court filing Thursday, Reyna “categorically” denied the allegations but said that because he testified in an August 2016 pretrial hearing in Clendennen’s case — Clendennen’s previous attempt to have the district attorney’s office removed — he and the office should be recused “to avoid even the mere suggestion of impropriety.”

Clendennen originally argued for the removal of Reyna’s office because Reyna made himself a witness in the case by drafting the affidavits Waco police used to arrest the 177 bikers on identical charges of conspiracy to engage in organized criminal activityresulting in the deaths and injuries. Of those, 154 bikers have been indicted.

Reyna declined to comment Thursday, citing a gag order in Clendennen’s case.

The first trial connected to the 2015 shootout got underway last week in Waco. It was not immediately clear whether the defendant, Christopher “Jake” Carrizal, a locomotive conductor from Dallas, would make issue of Reyna’s request to be recused.

If a judge grants it, Clendennen could face a lengthy trial postponement. A new team of state prosecutors would have to be appointed and process evidence the state has presented to defense attorneys, consisting of thousands of photos, hours of video footage and voluminous police documents.

Waco defense attorney Robert Callahan, who is representing a third biker, said that because the bikers all face the same charges, similar motions seeking Reyna’s recusal could further delay court proceedings.

“I would expect that we will see 152 more of these motions and 152 more of these recusals, and that taxpayers will read between the lines that there are some real issues at the district attorney’s office,” he said.

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