$295,644.00 July 21, 2017 Bill to DA REYNA’S Office for CYBER-SOFTWARE

While the Tribune Herald groans over $25k spent on Investigator Kevin Fisk for his work on the Biker Jake Carrizal case, this cryptic bill from UFED Analytics raises a few questions. You’d think a bill for $295,644.00 would be a bit more specific,  in color, or screamed about by a County Commissioner or did they just get to buy this without consulting anyone?  One thing’s for sure,  when you have a government that runs in total secrecy,  from City to County on up,  this just “can’t be a good thing”, no matter how you slice it.   It says,  “good through July 21, 2017”,  what does that mean?

Thanks to Butch Moss and an army of people who may save us from ourselves and the corruption we all seem to be so quick to sigh,  “that’s the way it’s always been”,  about.  Just as Ty Clevenger,  the one man get rid of Walter Smith show came in and rid of us the absolute worst scourge on the bench ever who held us all hostage for over 25 years,  perhaps we will be saved from corruption, or, at the very least this insane secrecy and “for your own good,  I’m not going to tell you”,  thing we seem to be satisfied with here.  We’re supposed to trust politicians,  law enforcement, and others who are “Christian”,  from old trusted families,  they’ve been guarding the secrets for years and will continue to protect us from ourselves in silence.  Not this time.  Seems there is a vulgarity in the amount of ego, secrecy and downright clustermess that happened at TWIN PEAKS,  it matches the number of those charged.  It’s too much.  It’s overkill.

Finally,  we have people brave enough to dig and expose the ugly and costly secrets that are financing bad decisions that likely will be paid by taxpayers into the next generation.  Face it,  it’s not working out well.  The Davidian thing,  didn’t go well,  Twin Peaks didn’t go well.  Now we have the phase where “they” defend the dumb things they did at Twin Peaks.  Remember the Davidians?  If you don’t there’s another documentary coming out soon to remind you.

If you have some bad stuff on this justice system,  you have a place to take it.  Butch Moss.  You got dirt,  dish it out there,  it won’t fall flat anymore.  This baby has gone too far.

Time to question.  Time to put cameras in faces and ask hard questions.

Time to stop this insane secrecy.  “We can’t tell you”,  won’t cut it anymore.

I also think that this bill needs to be rejected.

Do you think Reyna needs to spend $295,644.00 on cyber spy software touted to make these cases easier?

What about the gutless other Republicans at the Courthouse?  This is okay with you?  Commissioners?  County Judge?

Tick, tock,  no more truth in the shadows.

Here is an excerpt from Texas Biker Radio and the website where you can read more. 

It would appear Abel is up to it again. The again, for him, is walking all over everyone’s Constitutional Rights and a blatant disregard your  personal privacy and spending almost $300,000  of taxpayer money to play his games for personal gain. Yes he has purchased Cyber snooping software under the guise he can log evidence to obtain speedier trails and prosecutions. If you take the time to investigate this company and their software product it is evident the software is all about following data streams, information contained in Clouds, and let you imagination be your guide for the rest. He will do anything to maintain his empire. He needs to be defeated in this next 2018 election cycle. Enough is enough. McLennan County residents are going to be paying a fortune in trials and civil suits over the stunts he has all ready pulled.

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